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2008 Q1: Discipleship lessons by Betram Melbourne of Jamaica. This series of lessons takes a different approach to the subject and rounds out the lessons from this quarter.

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Lesson ReferencesThe References (formerly called “Helps”) include all related Scripture and most Ellen White quotations.

Lesson Lesson References Mobile Verson
1 Disciples and Scripture • Dec 28 – Jan 3 Lesson References Mobile Verson
2 Discipling Through Metaphor • January 4 – 10 Lesson References Mobile Verson
3 Discipleship and Prayer • January 11 – 17 Lesson References Mobile Verson
4 Discipling Children • January 18 – 24 Lesson References Mobile Verson
5 Discipling the Sick • January 25 – 31 Lesson References Mobile Verson
6 Discipling the Ordinary • February 1 – 7 Lesson References Mobile Verson
7 Jesus and the Social Outcasts • February 8 – 14 Lesson References Mobile Verson
8 With the Rich and Famous • February 15 – 21 Lesson References Mobile Verson
9 Discipling the Powerful • February 22 – 28  Lesson References Mobile Verson
10 Discipling the Nations • March 1 – 7 Lesson References Mobile Verson
11 Discipling Spiritual Leaders • March 8 – 14 Lesson References Mobile Verson
12 The Harvest and Harvesters • March 15 – 21 Lesson References Mobile Verson
13 The Cost of Discipleship • March 22 – 28 Lesson References Mobile Verson

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2014 Q1: Discipleship — 14 Comments

  1. Disciple ship study around so soon again!
    God is telling the world church something. Pray the message will get through this time.

  2. I wish I could download the current lessons for this month because I don't have a print quarterly and will be without wi-fi for the next few weeks.... Bummer!

  3. [Moderator's note: Please use your full name as per our policy]

    One of the best work done. Thanks for the good job and may God bless you as you reach people through this. People are equipped and ready to go out.
    be blessed

  4. i really appreciate for the work and also the lessons that we are having each and every week.this is helping us to be fully equiped and teach others about Christ and His kingdom

  5. I just want to comment on the "Inside Story, Flame for Jesus", that it just really challenged me as an Adventist to share the love of Jesus with my friends I meet.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. God considers not our wealth, wisdom or status in the society. But only the heart that is ready to humble itself in order to be guided by the holy spirit. Earthly wisdom and knowledge are nothing in evangelism. It is through the power of the holy spirit we can make more disciples. This can therefore be done by both educated and non educated who are ready to humble themselves before God.

  7. I'm desperately looking for a comment from EGW during the one of the Quarterly of 2014 (Maybe in Discipleship?) where she quotes that God did not create the Earth and than let it alone (these are helenistics ideas) but work through all the centuries until today. Nothing is by chance. All is leaded by GOD.
    => I can not remember exactly where it was...
    =>Do you know where I can find this quotation? Many thanks for your help.
    Many thanks for your answer - DR


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