Why we have a “store” on Sabbath School Net

  • We believe that the selections in the SSNET store add value to the site in making some good resources available to our visitors.
  • Any purchases made by clicking on any of our links generate a small advertising fee (usually 4%) paid by Amazon, and this helps to pay for the expenses of keeping SSNET online. Pennies add up.

How Our SSNET Store Works – Since some people couldn’t figure out how to find things, we wrote some more detailed instructions. The short version is that you if you know exactly what you want, you can go directly to Amazon.com (US), to Amazon.com.au (Australia) or Amazon.ca (Canada) through one of our links. Otherwise, go to “SSNET Store” to browse some things we picked out for you. Currently, all our links should go to your local Amazon store in the United States, Canada or the UK. 

For the curious, we have a couple pages of what others bought some time ago (not current):

What Others Bought – This is composed of images loaded from Amazon.com of all sorts of interesting things bought by your fellow SSNET visitors, and we suggest you only click on it if you have a broadband connection. (This is not up-to-date, but still interesting.)

Paper Books Bought – Images loaded from Amazon.com of books bought by other SSNET visitors. Click on this only if you have a broadband connection.

Kindle Books Bought – Images loaded from Amazon.com of Kindle books bought by other SSNET visitors. Takes lots of bandwidth because of images.

If you’ve never ordered from Amazon

If you live in the US and have never ordered from Amazon, here are some links that you might find helpful:

  • Frustration-free packaging – how Amazon makes sure that stuff gets to you in the best possible way
  • Amazon’s Help page – Worried about returns? Payment methods? Shipping rates? Anything at all? Want to cancel an order? This page answers most questions. (Did you know that you can even return Kindle books if they do not meet your expectations? Of course, you can’t wait months before requesting a return.)
If you live in another country (not US):

Amazon ships world-wide, but you will want to check out shipping charges. For most items, shipping may be too expensive. However, you can likely order Kindle books and other electronic media, with your credit card. Your credit card company will charge you a small fee for changing your currency into US$, and you can download the item immediately. (If something goes wrong, you can cancel the order.) The US Kindle store often has items not available elsewhere. Thus my Kindle app was linked to Amazon.com, not my local Amazon.ca while I lived in Canada. I found I had to make up my mind which store to use, because the Kindle app has to be registered to one account (US) or the other (CA). It can’t be registered to both. 

If you have questions or suggestions for SSNET, you may post them below as Comments. 



SSNET Store Info — 2 Comments

  1. In the past we used to download the SS Quarterlies for free. Does it mean that the free download doesn't exists anymore.

    • Nothing has changed regarding the free features of our site. You may still access all the lessons for free, just as you are accessing this page for free.

      We are now offering the added convenience of linking to resources you may find helpful, including the Sabbath School Quarterly in Kindle format, as published by Pacific Press. (The advertising commission paid by Amazon when you use our links also helps to cover some of the expenses of this site. We have no source of funding other than your gifts and the advertising fees paid to us when you use our Amazon links.)


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