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Image © Steve Creitz from GoodSalt.com

Image © Steve Creitz from GoodSalt.com

[Thought questions for The Promised Revival: God’s Mission Completed September 25, 2013]

1. Up, Up, and Away. Billions of dollars have been spent over the years to explore space. The stated purposes vary from wanting to find other inhabitable worlds due to solve an over-populated earth to discovering new energy sources. Both Christians and non-Christians believe there is more to the universe than instruments or travel can discover. Some, however, are a bit skeptical. It was reportedly the Russian leader Khrushev asked, “Why are you clinging to religion? Gagarin (a Russian Cosmonaut) flew into space and didn’t see God!” 1 Kings 8:49 says God dwells in heaven. Jeremiah 23:23,24 says God is everywhere. How does your belief concerning the nature of the universe compare with the Biblical references to a heavenly dwelling for a God who is also everywhere? How does this concept of God enhance our prayer life? Our Bible study?

2. The Throne. Heredity dictates who will rule in the traditional British monarchy. The British monarchy is one of the oldest hereditary ‘thrones’ in the world. The throne itself,  is a chair, but it is also an abstract concept that speaks to the legal authority for that government and it’s ‘right to rule’. The symbols of the throne and the crown are visible, yet separate from the rule itself. Would the King or Queen remain in that position when they are not wearing the crown or sitting in the chair? David’s King and God is ruler over all the earth. Psalm 47:7 and Psalm 92:1,2 say He has been king longer than anyone on earth. How do we compare the earthly monarchies and hereditary thrones to the throne of One who sits from eternity past? Comparing what we know of heavenly government, however incomplete (1 Cor. 13:12, are earthly governments patterned after what we understand of heavenly government? Or are the visions of heavenly government described according to human affairs and governments?

3. The latter rain. Are you eagerly waiting to get drenched by spiritual rain? What do you think is the main reason we’re still waiting for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit? How will our lives change when the Holy Spirit is being fully manifested? If God is so eager to share the Holy Spirit with us, does it matter when He might come? We’ve been studying the past twelve weeks about revival and reformation, two experiences that are vitally needed for people to lead the way to God’s kingdom. Are you closer to a revival from your heart and a reformation in your life than you were when we started studying this topic three months ago? Share.

4. From water to fire. Have you ever been caught in a monstrous downpour or flood? Have you ever had your home destroyed by fire? Which is more deadly–a destructive fire or a destructive flood? Think about the last time you used water to clean something. Clothing, dishes, the floor, the messy face and hands of a toddler? What about fire? Do you ever use fire to cleanse? What about a hot shower or bath? How dangerous can a fire be when it’s out of control? Our lesson turns from the danger of fire and presents it as a symbol of power and love. Would you like the fires of heavenly destruction to come soon? Very soon? How can we keep our fervor for the final fire alive and burning in our hearts?

5. Jesus wins, Satan loses. Do you ever root for a team in a popular sport only to see it lose the game? Does the battle for your heart ever seem like it’s winding down with you as the loser? Have you ever had someone challenge the Great Controversy by stating that God may confront Satan in the final conquest–and lose? Have you ever had troubling thoughts like that? What should be our belief, instead? How much evidence has God given us over the past six thousand years to assure us that He is all powerful and that with gladness He will welcome His children to eternal life?

More to think about...

How can we share our enthusiasm for the Second Coming with others? Or should we even try?
Why are so many Christians apathetic about the coming of Jesus? Even Seventh-day Adventists?
What is the earliest age that a child can begin to understand God’s power and love?
Why is there so much evidence of sin in this little earth?
Why doesn’t God just get rid of everything bad and be done with it? 




13: God’s Mission Completed – Thought Starters — 3 Comments

  1. There is a God space and nature shout it everyday. Therefore, the bible is true and it says that God has already won. The bible says that we don't need to be anxious He cares for the sparrows and He will care for us. We need to have faith and patience (I know how hard that can be)and wait on the Lord to see what He has prepared for us that we cannot imagine or dream of. If I don't see you in this life, we will meet in heaven. May the Lord bless you.

  2. [Moderator note: please use first and last names when commenting on this site. Thanks!]

    I am constantly thanking God for His word. It teaches us about what He has done,is doing, and will be doing! He is our only hope in this empty, heartless world. These lessons have been a great blessing & I can see the Holy Spirit's guidance throughout. The only way we can be lost is to turn away from the light. Let us pray that we will always be as the wise virgins-----Prepared & fortified by the Holy Spirit! God bless us all as we study and share His truth! Toni

  3. It is Finished. One of the best 3 words in the Bible. He will come conquering and to conquer. Jesus who's name is above every other name. Kings of Kings and Lords of Lords. Satan it is over for you.


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