Ask the Author: Christ’s Kingdom and the Law

Will there be a need for the law in Christ’s eternal kingdom? What role does the law play in the lives of those who claim to be a part of his kingdom? Find out what the Sabbath School author has to say on this week’s edition of “Ask the Author.” (If you have missed past videos, you can see the whole series on the “Ask the Author” Sabbath School Vimeo channel or Youtube channel.)

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You can view the same video on YouTube if you prefer.



Ask the Author: Christ’s Kingdom and the Law — 1 Comment

  1. In 2014 you had a section" ASK THE AUTHOR", when we were studying Christ and the law. Do you still have that section for every quarterly or was it just a one time experience? We did enjoy it. If you still have it how to get access to it?
    Thanks, Leslie


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