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We use a lot of GoodSalt images because they are beautiful, we have an affiliate agreement with them, and they are easy to find. However, we are not limited to GoodSalt images. When no suitable image is at, we need to look for a suitable image that is free to use. Please review Plagiarism, Attribution, Citation, Quotation before using images. Some suggestions are below. The first is an article.

The Secret to Finding Big, Beautiful Panoramic Images for Your WordPress Blog […]

Writer Content Guide Lines

We welcome guest writers on our blog. If you’ve been reading our “Feature Articles” for some time, you’ll have some idea of the diversity of subjects we cover. Subject matter should be of interest to leaders (such as Sabbath School teachers) as well as to church members.

Guest articles should generally not exceed 2000 words, and keeping the article under 1500 words is usually better.

We trust that writers will take time to review our Philosophy and Vision statements.

Note particularly this section […]

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Because we have a limited staff of volunteers and no budget we are forced by circumstances to limit the kinds of comments concerning the subject of Christmas. We are Seventh-day Adventist Christians who believe in Scripture and the ministry of Ellen White. Therefore, the response to comments by our moderators will conform to the balanced principles found in both of these sources.

Origin of Christmas — Does It […]

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We depend on you, our readers, to make this site an interesting place to visit.Posting according to the guide lines below will ensure that your contributions will be valuable:

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