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Comrades in Arms – Hit the Mark — 9 Comments

  1. I thank God for that wonderful illustrations.
    It is affirming the words that assert ,to seek the Kingdom of God and other things will be added to me.

  2. Hey Pastor, you are rather early this week!! This will be a welcome tool to aaid my prep for Sabbath School thank you

  3. I have learnt something amazing about what Jesus did. He got into Simon’s boat and He sat down and began to teach. The revelation I got is that we need to be people who are willing to sit down and hear what the Word of God says even though there are things that we are in need of in life. Let us have that precious time to read the Word, to meditate upon His Word and as we are doing this we are drawing near to the things that we need. After Jesus finished teaching them, He told them to launch their nets deeper not just deeper but for a CATCH. Jesus was aware that there were going to catch so many fish. Let us seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. We need the bread of life. Also as a child of God before you can go out there to tell others about who Jesus is, you need to be taught the Word of God. Know the Word, be rooted in the Word of God.

  4. I had a paradigm shift, on the part of Peter 'stepping out' that was a victorious start that was only cut short by pride... We often over look the rare experience of The Power of God in 'his [Peter's] walking on water and quickly rush into the disappointment. Thanks Curtis, God bless!

  5. though we mighty think that we are spiritually correct we must bear in mind that devil is always there to attack and bring out the weaker side of us. peter thought that on his own he could walk on water like Jesus. but what happens next pride in him the work of the devil made peter to start sinking. lets always depend on the Lord in totality.

  6. You can't go wrong when ever you do what God's commands. What if Peter had relied on his reasoning and experience and ignored Jesus' command. Thus I am encouraged to do as God says although other voices are urging to do otherwise.

  7. "Is it possible to be proud of being humble? Explain your answer."
    In my opinion, yes, definitely... it is possible to be proud of being humble.

    In my reading of the history of St. Francis of Assisi, this is exactly the impression I got. Even among our own people Francis is sometimes given an air of harmless humility, but the reality, I believe, is quite different. Nobody could help this man - "he refused all food which he did not obtain by begging." It can be so easy for us to build up an image, and to develop/strengthen that image to such an extent that even our poverty and our humility become matters of pride. Before long we are eager for others to see and acknowledge our "virtues".

  8. There are several option questions, but only a couple. One,the difference between healthy and unholy pride. I use unholy, to describe unhealthy. The primary difference is our selfishness. We feed on what we think is the most important to our egos. Jesus used His waking hours to bring a message of salvation and sacrifice to further the Love that was Gods purposes. Jesus had a few choice descriptions regarding the Pharisees and pride. We may be even unassuming when our pride is a primary consideration. I think that pride can be an unholy alliance.


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