Sunday: Every Member Ministry

Too often we hear Christians lament that they are not talented enough to do anything significant for God. While the devil would certainly like us to think this way, the Bible tells us that all Christians have a God-given ministry. We need to know what it is and then determine by God’s grace how to use it for His glory.1

Examine Ephesians 4:12 and 2 Corinthians 5:15–20. What do these verses say about each believer’s ministry? 

Paul clearly says that the saints are to be equipped for a ministry. Everyone who has been reconciled to God through the sacrifice of Jesus is given the ministry of reconciliation and is an ambassador for Christ. An ambassador is one who personally represents a sovereign or head of state. This concept emphasizes the personal relationship between Christ and all who have been reconciled as they carry the message of His love and grace into the world.

There is much confusion over the word ministry. Today ministry is seen to be something that the pastor does, after all, he or she is “in the ministry.” Although some engaged in pastoral ministry do have certain special areas of work and expertise, Scripture is adamant that part of the work of the pastor is to equip the members for a personal ministry.

The New Testament gives evidence that the early believers understood the concept of every member ministry. Wherever they went, and in whatever circumstances they found themselves, they all preached about the Lord Jesus (see Acts 8:1–4).

There is another way in which Jesus shows that we all have a special ministry to perform. He clearly stated that He did not come to be served but to serve (see Matt. 20:28Luke 22:27). He also clearly said that His followers also are to be servants(see Matt. 23:1120:2627). If that’s not ministry, true ministry, then what is?

Jesus is not simply ordering us to be servants; He is leading us to understand that a servant ministry is a result of our connectedness with Him. These verses describe the life of the person who has fellowship with the suffering Servant Jesus Christ. They also affirm that to be in Christ is to continue His ministry.

How willing are you to serve others? Is it your natural inclination, or do you tend to try to get from others rather than to give? How can you further acquire more the attitude of service?



Sunday: Every Member Ministry — 3 Comments

  1. Unfortunately it has popularized the belief that some are endowed with their own gifts for ministry. I think the constant use of the word Lay, when applied only to this small group of members who are evangelistic campaigners, contribute to this misunderstanding.

  2. I think of the fact that throughout the Bible it is clear that God did not rely on the talents of people. I think it is primarily because He did not wish for anyone to get the idea that it was their own efforts that accomplished anything, but God's efforts.

    I believe that above all else, God needs a willing heart. That is what is required of us, not talent. Remember that Moses, Isaiah, even Peter, couldn't express themselves properly. But God took charge and told them to rely on Him, that He would put the words in their mouths.

    Why can't we do the same as these renowned stalwarts of the faith of Jesus Christ?


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