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I Stand At The Door — 6 Comments

  1. Very thought provoking. Jesus IS the the revival of our eternal life. Will we let Him in to do His work of motivating us with His Love ALWAYS NOW?

  2. As Christians we should talk more about the love of God for us. Talk about Jesus story and the good news about salvation. Yes keep talking about the sabbath as a sign of God and his people but talk more about Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus.

  3. The fact is, many are in love with religion and will even die for it, but not in love with Jesus Christ who died for us. Christ is looking for relationship with him and not religion. Religion can’t save. Having a form of Godliness but denying the power from such turn he away.

  4. My wife just read Job 31 to me. Job obviously opened the door to his heart to the Lord and his confession sets the standard for Christian behaviour very high. An example of a person who was willing to let the love of God work through his life.

  5. Wow...imagine what our churches community and the country would be like if we just simply showed n share the love of Jesus...

  6. Thanks Curtis. This is a helpful reminder that we must let Jesus into our hearts and let Him live out his agape love through us! We are too content with “doing” Christianity without self being crucified with Christ so that it is no longer “I” but Christ living in me. God bless you!


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