Inside Story: Finding Hope, Finding Jesus

Amir Ghali, director of the Al-Waad Media Center in the Middle East,

Image © Krieg Barrie from

Image © Krieg Barrie from

is delighted to share the following email that he received from someone who came to love Jesus by listening to the Hope Channel.

“Through its amazing programs, Hope Channel North Africa/Middle East [NAME] has played a major role in comforting me during my time of mourning. I especially mention the program entitled ‘Road to Salvation’. This particular program has introduced me to Jesus Christ, His miraculous birth, His holy life, and His true nature. This program also introduced me to the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know there was a Holy Spirit before. Now I know that He is the one who comforted me during my time of distress. I know that He is with me wherever I go.

“I live among people who don’t believe in Jesus, and my life may be in danger. If my family learns that I have accepted Jesus as my Savior they may kill me. In spite of that, I feel happiness and peace in my heart. I have found a treasure which I will never give up. I used to be so afraid before, but now I am not afraid of anything.

“I now know that Jesus Christ is the door to God the Father. I now pray in Jesus’ name, and I know that He will hear my prayer. Not long ago I had a big problem in my life. I prayed in the name of Jesus, and the problem was solved in an unexpected way. I believe in Jesus Christ and in His grace for me.

“Thank you for Hope Channel. Without it, I would have been lost.”

Please pray for Hope Channel, especially its North Africa/Middle-East center and the ministry it is carrying out to reach the people in a difficult-to-reach part of the world. Your mission offerings are another important means to support and promote the work of the Hope Channel around the world.



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  1. May the good Lord be with you among those people who don't believe in Jesus Chris as the their saviour, until he reveals himself to them through works of holy spirit, & create a new hearts in them and remove stoney-hearts {Eze 36:26-27}


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