Inside Story: Heidy’s Hope

Juan Caicedo Solis

When 13-year-old Heidy Moreno and her cousin, Mirella began questioning their mothers’ rules, Heidy’s mother decided to stop their rebelliousness before it got out of hand. She took Heidy to a spirit medium-a witch.

The medium claimed that Heidy had a bad spirit. “I see a gold feather over your head,” the medium told Heidy. “The spirit that possesses you is powerful.” The medium performed a ritual to remove Heidy’s rebelliousness. Suddenly Heidy felt as if her body was not hers. She became dizzy, then fainted.

Soon after Heidy and her mother returned home to their farm outside Cali, Colombia, Heidy began acting strangely. She crawled on the floor like a snake and spoke with strange voices. The voices promised great riches, but threatened the family members if they tried to stop Heidy’s strange behavior. Sometimes family members felt an invisible hand slap them when they tried to touch Heidy. The invisible hands began destroying the furniture and punching holes in the walls.

The spirits came and went unexpectedly, leaving family members shaken and afraid. The family did not want to anger the spirits, for they still hoped to gain the riches that the spirits had promised.

Then one day the spirits spoke through Heidy’s cousin, Mirella. She described the spirit that entered her as a strong man. No one else could see them, but they often felt their evil presence. The spirits entered the girls’ bodies and forced them to gorge themselves with food. Then after the spirits left, the girls were hungry again.

After months of living in fear and confusion, Heidy’s family decided to try to escape the spirits by moving to the city of Cali. But the spirits became angry and beat Heidy and Mirella with whips and sticks until their bodies were bloody and bruised. They gave the girls so much strength that four men could not hold them. The frightened families decided they must get help to free their daughters from these spirits.

Heidy’s mother took her to one church after another in hope of finding release from the spirits. But the spirits remained as strong as ever. Then a neighbor told her about the Adventist church. The spirits had warned Heidy that something terrible would happen if she went to this church, so Heidy resisted her family’s attempts to take her there. It took several strong men to overpower the devil in Heidy and get her inside the church. Once inside, Heidy suddenly felt at peace. God has set me free! she thought. That day Heidy worshiped God with all her heart.

Heidy knew now that only God could free Mirella from the devil’s power. She urged Mirella to go to the church and seek God. The spirits in Mirella threatened her, but she finally agreed to go, hoping for deliverance from the spirits’ torment.


Heidy Moreno lives in Cali, Colombia where she was a student at the time of this writing. Juan Caicedo Solis is a district pastor in Cali, Colombia.



Inside Story: Heidy’s Hope — 7 Comments

  1. We do not understand the power that attends being a part of God's true church.Just being in the building brought peace to Heidi,yet we suffer some petty trials which could have easily been overcome had we pulled on our power resources.I often wonder if many of the dead that have been buried could have been resurrected if you only exercise d faith and use the power that God has given us. Do we even realise that it was the devil that was brought under subjection in the presence of God. In one moment Heidi was delivered yet many of us have been in church for years and are in bondage.

    This story gives me the encouragement to really use the spiritual resources available and stop being the devil's punching bag. Let us all now see ourselves for the powerful beings we are through Jesus Christ and use the power to overcome and help others to overcome.

  2. This is an interesting story. God is powerful and can defeat all evil spirits that attach us. We are also strong as well when we abide in God's grace.

  3. God is awesome and the question we should ask when in trials and tribulations is whether we've talked to our Savior. Have we asked for His help? Have a joyful Sabbath.

  4. As a young boy, I too was taken to places and people who do those things. It has damaged me until I turned to God and overcame such thinking that they can help. Growing up in Tobago way back in the late 60's and 70's families use to think these what they call Obeahmen/women had power to overcome evil. Only the love and belief in Jesus can and always will

  5. GOD is our strength, our protector. We only need to cry out to him in prayer and have faith . He will send help. He always protects us. Ask him . He is true to his word.

  6. I've seen first hand how the devil can easily enter ones mind, long ago one night, I was talking with someone who is also an SDA, we were just talking and discussing about the goodness of God and how God used Mrs E.G. White to explained further the goodness of God when the person I was speaking with that night opposed me and is giving doubt about the work of Mrs White. As the discussion goes, I noticed that The person I'm speaking with became different, the eyes are different somewhat larger and gave passionate speech opposing Mrs. White. I sensed that the person is different like possessed, but because it was a loved ones i remember that in Jesus name the devil tremble so I mentioned that Jesus Christ alone can help us all with our unbelief. Suddenly the person I'm speaking with became different jerked as if awaken from sleep and said to me "where are we? I felt asleep and forgot what we are talking about". I realized then that in any time of our life if the devil saw an opportunity to enter one's mind they can do that in a heartbeat.


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