Sunday: My God and Me

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Our personal relationship with Jesus will have a direct bearing upon our success in witnessing for Him. It is so easy to learn some witnessing and evangelism formulas and then rally forth in our own assumed wisdom and strength. While God can still bless our efforts, we must ever remind ourselves that it is His work, and we accomplish it through His power. Do we want to merely impart knowledge (albeit important knowledge), or do we want to encourage a vital spiritual relationship? And how can we pass on to others what we don’t have in and of ourselves?

Of course, there are always examples of people—however weak in faith themselves, however close to tottering on the edge of apostasy and backsliding—who nevertheless are used by God to lead others to Jesus. In a large city a number of years ago, a young lady, having joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church, worked tirelessly to reach her brother. After years, the brother was baptized. One month later, the sister left the faith and, as of now, still renounces it. Although cases like this happen, the fact is that the stronger our own connection with Jesus, the more powerful a witness we will be.

Read Acts 4:13-14. What do these verses reveal about the relationship that Peter and John had with Jesus and what this connection enabled them to accomplish? Think through what was meant when it says that “they realized that they had been with Jesus.” What does that mean? What should a person who has just “been with Jesus” be like?  

The lesson in God’s Word is pretty clear. As we think about our personal mission fields, as we assess the ripeness of the grain and the urgent need of laborers, we need to allow the Lord to draw us into a close and powerful relationship with Him; a relationship that will give us power that, otherwise, we wouldn’t have.

How is your own personal relationship with the Lord? How does your mere presence, how you talk, how you act, how you treat people, reveal your relationship with God? Be as painfully honest with yourself as you possibly can.

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Sunday: My God and Me — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks for this insight" personal realtionship with Jesus can make the differece"

    God Bless

  2. Personal evangelism is in and of itself, useless without the power of the Holy Spirit working in us and through us to do God's bidding, to touch someone and share with them the Good News of the Gospel.

    Thank you for reminding us that we do God's work at His behest and that it is not of our own efforts that can make any difference.

    It is also a timely reminder to seek God's leading daily to grow and maintain a strong relationship and connection to the "Power" source, to follow His lead and that His Will prevails.

  3. Indeed, so Important to get in touch daily with the "power" source, that is Jesus Christ, as this will determine how strong our relationship with God will be and how our everyday life will be.

  4. Yah, this is really true. God does His things in His own way. We have to pray for His Holy Spirit to guide us in evangelizing.

    • On Sunday God and Me. God really knows each person, not a crowd, not only by appearance but also our thoughts.

  5. human abilities are different from the power of the Holy Spirit, we are vessels whom the Spirit can use to reach out to our fellow man to effect spiritual change and conviction. By faithful obedience, the holy spirit can turn us into a sanctuary from which spiritual blessings flow to others. Never resist Him, obey him, wait for results.

  6. The connection or relationship with Christ is very important, in being truthfully honest with myself I am so far from where I started and where I want to be. So how do I get back that connection, that I truely long for?

    • I think we all deal at times with not staying as connected with Christ as we desire. When I realize that I am not where I want to be spiritually, I go back to the Word of God and pray. When we don't feel as close to our friends, we spend more time with them and soon feel more connected. So it is with Jesus, our best friend, spending more time with Him brings back that connection we long for. I have a journal that I write encouraging quotes and Bible texts in and when I am feeling the need for a boost spiritually, I go to that journal. It has been a tremendous blessing to me.

  7. Greetings brothers and sisters, your comments really help me in finding somewhat a conclusion for my lessons in class and for that I thank the Lord for creating such gifted souls such as you have a blessed day and with out the Holy Spirit's power we are useless.

  8. I am nothing with out Jesus, I am someone special in my humble heart because I am so confident when I cry out to Jesus!!!!! I enjoy talking about Jesus to everyone who feel down or high in the spirit..JUST TO SAY JESUS GIVES ME CHILLS. TRY SAYING JESUS AND SEE IF YOU HAVE CHILLS. May god bless you all..

  9. My prayer is "God do not walk in front of me because I won't be able to follow, do not follow me because I wont be able to lead, But walk beside me so that when I fall I will be able to hold your hand and continue with my journey.

  10. The pure truth is that without ME (Jesus) you can do nothing. Any works done in the spirit of self - mighty though they may seem, are not recognised by the heavens. HE (Jesus) will say to such, "away from me you evil doers, I never knew you." Then HE (Jesus) will command His angels, "throw them in the outer darkness, in the lake of fire, where they will gnash their teeth." Shameful indeed. We are simply tools in the hands of God. The sooner we realize this the better for us.


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