My Shortest Prayer

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear. Isaiah 65:24, NIV

Slippery When WetIt was a dreary day. The rain had come down in a drizzle that wet everything but didn’t clean it. The country roads were slick and dangerous.

We were returning from visiting relatives one Sabbath afternoon. My stepfather was at the wheel, Mother was sitting in the middle and I was by the window holding my 18-month-old son, Tony, on my lap. It was 1966 when cars had seat belts we sat on and there were no laws concerning car seats for toddlers.

As we came to a curve, my mother read the sign aloud, “Slippery when wet.” My stepfather didn’t slow down. The car started spinning and the door on my side came open. We were tossed around like rag dolls. I only had time to call out, “Oh, God!” Not one to use the name of the Lord lightly, it was a prayer – not an exclamation.

When the car stopped spinning, it turned over on top of Tony and me. We had been partially thrown out and when the car turned back upright, the door was closed with the top of the door bent around my waist. Still holding on to Tony, I reached down, opened the door and got back inside.

A line of cars had stopped, and one of the drivers offered to take Tony and me to the emergency room. Mother rode along. On the way, he said it was a miracle anyone came through the accident alive. He had believed the two of us, at least, would have been killed.

The next several days were spent in the hospital. Besides a “road burn” on his stomach, there was a minor cut close to Tony’s eyebrow and a hole all the way through his cheek. It had taken the doctor a long time to pick out all the gravel and dirt and piece it back together. His eyes were swollen shut the first couple of days and the only time he wasn’t crying was if he was being cuddled by my mother or me.

When the swelling went down, he stood at the end of his crib next to the door and “preached” to people as they walked by. Mother would take him for strolls in the corridor. He was a popular patient with his head swathed in bandages, wearing his little “Seymour” nightgown.

My injuries weren’t major. I had a gash under my chin that required seven stitches. The doctor said he could have closed it with six, but he added one to make it a perfect number. My right hand was torn and bruised, but there were no broken bones. My back was sprained and the muscles were sore for a long time after.

Tony still carries the scar on his cheek. It has faded some but it will always be a reminder that God does answer even the shortest prayer.



My Shortest Prayer — 11 Comments

  1. At times I have learnt to understand that we need not to be accustomed to the recoted or any ordinary prayer because God isn't inerested in fluensy of my language or grammar but understands just what I ment. He doesnt need the geniouses of speech for as long as one is in a private room , speaking yp jos GOD. When all alone, I do use the language that understand better.
    It must not be taken for granted that this GOD is A KING, CREATOR and any other title of honour this deserves choice of words that exhalt him.

  2. I am working in a place that has many warning sign. In your first day they send you for induction to teach you and make sore that you know and understand the dengers of the environment you are working under by following the safety signs. For your safety you must always follow what is indicated to you by the signs. Our bible indicate some of our warning signs to our safe travel to God.

  3. We only need to say it cos we got the voice-but He sure knows it even before we say them out. And can any one doubt that? Well, only the ignorant could....

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      just God needs to hear we pray and recognise our needs but he knows what we need b4 we say it

  4. After two courses of antibiotics taken consectively,we got worried about going for the third one for our two years old daughter.

    In the night,we were awake because of her coughing. Then she said," mom ask Jesus to heal me". Quickly I said" yes, pray babie". This was her prayer:"Jesus, please heal me",and we said Amen. That was the end of her cough and we slept.

  5. You surely knew whom you called out for, one who is unfailling and is never caught unaware of events. Its your relation with him that made you know that he was the right one to call. Some would call out dad,mommy. Praise God for you.

  6. this verse is the most inspiring about depending or why we should depend on God. I have seen the Lord's hand work miracles for me and my family before I even asked or even thought of it. He is a wonderful and marvelous and Merciful and above all very Gracious Father who dwells in heaven. Praises be unto His Holy Name. Amen


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