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  1. Praise God for His gift of repentance and for giving us the willingness to turn away from sin (those things that are harmful to us.) For it is God which worketh in you--both to will and to do of his good pleasure (Philippians 2:13.)

  2. I like example that "sugary syrup made me sick". That is mercy of God. It is profane simbol of Gods dealing with us. It is simple to talk about cola and say truth for Gods work with our clinging to sin. God is One that hurt us when we live promiscuitly to open a diferent life for us. He hurt us when we live greedily to open a different perspective. And so on.
    Mercy to stop and metanoia. To change and fit the Building of Temple.

  3. William one of the most important points,you make is,that this is the most effective tool that Satan uses in what ever weakness we have, "just this one time". We fool ourselves. WE want to satisfy our curiosity, or test our will power. We are sure that "once" wont hurt. And you are correct that "once", most of the time, can be a very bad decision. We feel the guilt and long for forgiveness, because "once" is now out of control. I am more concerned about our daily activities than diet. Being able to evaluate what is sinful, sometimes is influenced by others. That,can also be a problem.

  4. I appreciate your personal story of struggle and repentance. We all have struggles in some areas and I am thankful because God is the only one who can help us overcome.

  5. Whether it is respecting the "Temple of the Holy Ghost" in caring for our bodies and overcoming other sins of the flesh, or overcoming sinful habits in relating with others,"IT IS GOD WHO IS WORKING IN ME both to WILL and to DO His good pleasure". Often God does not change our appetite for "colas" (favorite sins), but He empowers the WILL to be "purposed in heart", like Daniel and Joseph, that we will not defile ourselves. The possibility of "pure in heart" is a choice to allow the Holy Spirit to empower the "will" to make a clear decision to "see God" (Matthew 5).

  6. I thank GOD ALMIGHTY for your passage which warns on the power of "just once" temptation which always appears feeble and harmless but alas, deathly. I happen to be a "cola crave" but now I see the light. Praise be to GOD ALMIGHTY. Amen.


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