Why Does it Matter Which Day We Keep?

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A while back, my community Bible study group that meets Wednesday mornings at my church decided to have a luncheon and invite some friends and neighbors. As we began to have lunch the next Wednesday, one of our guests asked me why we go to church on Saturday. I explained to her that since we believe Jesus is our only example and our only source of salvation, we observe the day that He made holy and that He observed. For […]

12: The Antichrist – Thought Starters

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[Thought questions for The Antichrist September, 19, 2012]

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1. Are we there yet? Living two thousand  years ago with the recent memory of a Christ Jesus crucified and resurrected, what earthly reason did our Thessalonian brothers and sisters have for assuming Jesus would come that soon? What about us today? Why are we so sure that Jesus is coming within just a few more years? Are the wars and horrible displays of nature convincing us that […]