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by Inge Anderson

Much of the work of Christ consisted of healing people of their physical maladies while offering them healing of their spiritual disease, 1 and His disciples did likewise. 2

As a church, we have been counseled that the “gospel of health” should be the “right arm” of our message. Accordingly, we are listing some selected health resources that actively recognize the relationship between Christ’s last message to the world and the “gospel of health.” These are intended to enable you to experience the “gospel of health” in your own life and prepare you to share it with others.

LifeStyle Matters Developed by Vicki Griffin and Evelyn Kissinger, these programs seamlessly integrate physical and mental health. Vicki is quite unapologetic about the approach and shares how even atheists have been known to appreciate the programs. The programs are relatively inexpensive, 3 and come with detailed training materials. Show more info

Neil Nedley Depression Seminar

We have had excellent experiences with the Depression – the Way Out seminar in our church. Attendees are extremely grateful. And the program lends itself well to integrating physical and spiritual wellness. The round-table discussions foster forming relationships. Show more info

CHIP – Complete Health Improvement Program

Founded by Hans Diehl, this well-tested and highly successful CHIP program (originally Coronary Health Improvement Program) is probably the grand-daddy of the modern Adventist health improvement programs. It probably added at least an extra 20 years to my own father’s life. CHIP is considerably more expensive than the Life Style Matters programs and also more expensive than the Neil Nedley programs. It takes a greater investment of both time and effort, but for those who can invest both, it is highly successful in reaching the higher classes of society. Show more info

  1. See Matthew 4:23, Matthew 9:35, Matthew 12:9-11, Mark 5:29-31, John 6:2, Acts 10:38
  2. See Luke 9:5-7, Acts 3:1-8, Acts 4:10-12, 1 Corinthians 12:9
  3. Prices listed on the website are retail. Churches get the bulk wholesale rate. Participants purchase necessary materials at retail rate, thus helping to cover expenses of the program.
  4. And I just have to say that the Guilt-free Gourmet Cookbooks are just about the best cookbooks for a plant-based diet. The recipes are fairly simple, and they actually taste good! (Just thinking about them makes me want to go out to the kitchen to create!) The Chick-it Seasoning is one of my all-time favorites – great in most veggie entrees and even on popcorn.
  5. You can also find a little more information at the Michigan Conference Health Ministries site.
  6. Incidentally the video used the “Training the Trainers” is of an event I attended live at the British Columbia Conference in Canada.
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Please share your experience in implementing the "gospel of health" as the "right arm" of God's last-day message. You may suggest further resources for us to investigate as additions to our list.

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