Thursday: Protect Yourself

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After having warned us against the particular evils that threaten three domains of life — our family, our social contacts, and our work — Proverbs give us a portrayal of the wicked. It is a satire full of irony and sharp psychological observation. The two poems (Prov. 6:12–15, Prov 6:16–19) are parallel and, with the … [Click to read more …]

Writer Content Guide Lines

We welcome guest writers on our blog. If you’ve been reading our “Feature Articles” for some time, you’ll have some idea of the diversity of subjects we cover. Subject matter should be of interest to leaders (such as Sabbath School teachers) as well as to church members. Guest articles should generally not exceed 2000 words, … [Click to read more …]

Finding Free Images

We use a lot of GoodSalt images because they are beautiful, we have an affiliate agreement with them, and they are easy to find. However, we are not limited to GoodSalt images. When no suitable image is at, we need to look for a suitable image that is free to use. Please review Plagiarism, … [Click to read more …]

Sunday: Hear!

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Read Proverbs 4. What practical truth is found here, and how can we apply this to our own lives as we seek to live in faithfulness to God? The act of hearing marks the first step in education. In Hebrew thought, the seat of wisdom or of intelligence is located not in the brain, but … [Click to read more …]