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The Book of James  (Quarter 4, 2014)

The Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides (once called Sabbath School Lessons) are prepared by the Office of the Adult Bible Study Guide of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.The 2014 fourth quarter’s Bible study is entitled, “The Book of James.”

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The lesson organization in English provided at this web site is quoted directly from that source (Copyright 1995 -2013 by the Office of the Adult Bible Study Guide, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists), and is used here by permission. You may contact the editors of the Adult Bible study guide by going to this page.

This quarter’s companion book was written by a different author than the lesson itself. Bertram L. Melbourne thus offers another perspective in The Practical Christian: Mouth, Money, and Mind.
You can read it on your Kindle, your computer, tablet or smartphone through a Kindle Reading App.

Another valuable resource is Ellen White’s book, Faith and Works (downloadable). Also check out James, The Brother of Jesus by Trudy J. Morcan-Cole, a creative imagining of what it could have been like to grow up as Jesus’ older half-brother.

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  • The Sabbath School Quarterly app for androids features the complete Adult Bible Study Guide, with links to a companion Bible app, just like our online lessons. It also includes sections for notes that are saved till needed in Sabbath School discussions. On your Android device, just go to Market and search for “Sabbath School Quarterly.” It’s a free app in the Books & Reference section. All it lacks is online discussion. For that you have to come back here.
  • Ecole Sabbath android app is the French Sabbath School lesson and podcast.

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Adult Sabbath School Resources — 45 Comments

  1. thank much for ur concerning am always visit your website but my request in that lesson are always available in english and ather language but there are people from east african countries who wishes to read the lesson through internet but they dont english it si our request the kiswahili copy to be available in website so aspeople from east africa can understand the word of God. THANK MUCH MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. This is a nice service and great for back up when traveling, however if everyone used this format there would no longer be funds from the purchased printed versions to continue producing the digital and the whole format would collapse. It would cost twice as much to print this out on one's home computer than to purchase the actual printed version from your ABC. With the printed version one can actually write in the notes and answer the questions from the texts they look up so study is interactive. It's best to subscribe through your or make sure your church is subscribing and members are contributing to the expense.....Just Saying!

    • Hi Jay,
      You are right that the printed copy is still required for some but my experience has been that the on-line version has all those features that you are speaking about, but we just need to familiarize ourselves with how to use it on our tablets. Ask someone who has a tablet to show you how its done. It is very convenient. As it usually is with anything new, some of us don't embrace it because we don't have enough information to help us understand.

      We should be careful not to judge those that are using these tools in their worship. They have access to a vast amount of resources right at their finger tips. May God continue to richly bless us in our study.

  3. I am From Africa Ethiopia born Aventist one of the best things I like from being Adventist is becoming student of the bible through the Sabbath School. I love it and we study it at home with my wife and three kids of ours.
    God bess you as you serve the multitude.

    • Dear Arop,

      We do not send out lessons weekly. You can access our weekly lessons by going to our front page and clicking on one of the options above and below the lesson cover at the top of the left sidebar.

      We do send out daily lessons. To receive these by email, you need to subscribe yourself to one of our email distribution lists.

      To do so, go to our front page and click on "Discuss." Underneath, you will see a drop-down menu, which includes "Posts by Email." Click on that and choose the appropriate option. For the Daily Lessons, choose the option for your area of the world.

      If at some time you should want to unsubscribe, use the link at the bottom of one of the posts you received.

    • The short answer is that there is no single "best bible version to study." If at all possible, it is best to consult several different versions to get an idea of what translations are possible from the original text.

      The bottom line is probably that the best Bible version for you is one you will actually read. The "best bible version" that mainly sits on the shelf is not nearly as good as a "lesser" version that you read.

      And most important of all is to ask the Holy Spirit to interpret the Bible to you. He inspired the Bible in the first place, and He can and will make it as clear to you as necessary.

  4. Thanks a lot Brethren for the lessons. we are growing rich with the word of our God every day as we study.

    let all churches both local look for a formula of studying our lessons as we do not read and finish on time. let us be good steward of time.

    be blessed all.

    • Samuel, I would like to suggest a more helpful approach than going through the lesson, page by page.

      I recommend that each teacher study the lesson at least three times:
      1) Once, with the question, "What does God want to say to me in this lesson?"
      2) What is the most important point in this lesson for my Sabbath School Class? What is the main theme?
      3) Study with the idea of coming up with good questions to allow the class to conclude what the teacher concluded in (2).

      If teachers follow this format, they will always be able "cover" the most important points in the lesson for their classes. They can arrange their lesson outline in the order of most important to "also important" and "helpful," followed by a summary of the most important points just before closing.

      And as Sabbath School "students," please appreciate a teacher doing serious preparation and not following the lesson outline day by day.

  5. Hi, Inge Anderson I will follow your format approach of the lesson. thank you for the formula. three important questions to ask myself before reading the lesson.

  6. The lesson is helpful, it helps u walk in the lord's on a daily basis the only challange the we face in our local church is the way teachers are nominated. What are the best way of mominatimg teachers? Should there be any criteria?

  7. Happy Sabbath! I'm very much impressed that Kiswahili Sabbath Lesson is indicated to be available in one of the above listed websites above in this article. Amen! I was wondering whether producing the Dhuluo edition can also be made available online for computer literate Luos' like myself who know how to read and worship with fellow villagers in the village as well.

  8. Great work. Are there other books that we cn refer to for this quarter's lesson? the book "The cross and its shadow" was of great help in understanding the Sanctuary better,hope u avail the same for this quarter.thanks

  9. Hi Do you still have the Sacremento church link for Sabbath School somewhere? I know you used to have it but can't find it

    • Currently we do not know of anyone producing the lesson in PowerPoint, but that doesn't mean that no one does.

      If anyone would like to offer a PowerPoint version, they can let us know.

  10. I wanted to know if there is a site you can recommend where people around the world participate in the weekly lesson discussion online so that i can gather a wider range of views. I am a lesson teacher and i like taking a practical approach in my teaching as it makes a greater impact to my class as opposed to just reading the written text.

    • Alex, you are on that site! It is called Sabbath School Net. :)

      If you'll go to our front page or to the Daily Lesson page, you'll see comments from people all over the world. I suggest you consult our Frequently Asked Questions page if you need a little help understanding our site.

      As far as I know, this is the only site with this many exchanges from people around the world. However, the blog is only one way of discussing the lesson. You can also subscribe to our email list, which is a little lest structured. Discussions tend to run on longer there. :)

      I suggest you also review our Comment Guide Lines, which ask you to use your first and last name, among other things. :)

      • Thank Anderson you for the guidance. At first, I was just rushing through the page as i was working with several windows on the same. I have taken time to view through the comments and am finding very useful contributions on this weeks lesson. Thank you again and God bless you.

  11. thank you Alex because i'm also begining to get the lesson since i followed the comments......MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU.

  12. I appreciate the suggestion tendered to Samuel by Inge. I would like to add 2 pnts ; i.e. use of a board to write on and comment on the contribution of the artist who flashes images of lesson being discuss.

  13. In the Sabbath School Lesson for June 7, 2014, it shouled be noted that Rom 3:28, and Gal 3:24-25, and indeed the whole chapter pointed to the Law Of Circumcision, and so nullify that law, and that the texts are not referring to God's Law of Ten Commandments.

    • John, the point you are making here is something that has been presented to the church for many years. The main problem I see with it is that it ignores context and the main point Paul was making that we are not justified by law – any law! As an example Youngs Literal Translation renders Rom 3:28, “therefore do we reckon a man to be declared righteous by faith, apart from works of law” (YLT). Most translations translate the last part “works of the law.” But the word “the” is not in the Greek because there is no article with the word “law” and is being added because of theological bias. Therefore, Paul is not pointing to any particular law but to law in general or to the principle of law.

      Besides that the Net Bible translation has a very interesting note on Rom 3:20 which also uses the phrase, “works of the law.”

      Some recent scholars have understood the phrase ἒργα νόμου (erga nomou, "works of the law") to refer not to obedience to the Mosaic law generally, but specifically to portions of the law that pertain to things like circumcision and dietary laws which set the Jewish people apart from the other nations (e.g., J. D. G. Dunn, Romans [WBC], 1:155). Other interpreters, like C. E. B. Cranfield ("'The Works of the Law' in the Epistle to the Romans," JSNT 43 [1991]: 89-101) reject this narrow interpretation for a number of reasons, among which the most important are: (1) The second half of v. 20, "for through the law comes the knowledge of sin," is hard to explain if the phrase "works of the law" is understood in a restricted sense; (2) the plural phrase "works of the law" would have to be understood in a different sense from the singular phrase "the work of the law" in 2:15; (3) similar phrases involving the law in Romans (2:13, 14; 2:25, 26, 27; 7:25; 8:4; and 13:8) which are naturally related to the phrase "works of the law" cannot be taken to refer to circumcision (in fact, in 2:25 circumcision is explicitly contrasted with keeping the law). Those interpreters who reject the "narrow" interpretation of "works of the law" understand the phrase to refer to obedience to the Mosaic law in general.

      In their understanding because the sanctuary services are no longer required that must be the law that these verses refer to but even they miss the point Paul was making in both Romans and Galatians. We cannot be justified by a law we already broke. That was never the purpose of the law to begin with. The law is a guide and goal that when compared with our works shows us our sin (Rom 3:20).

      Besides all of that, “For until the law sin was in the world, but sin is not imputed when there is no law” (Rom 5:13 NKJV). Now are we talking circumcision here?

  14. I really enjoy this site. it is so inspiring and resourceful. my prayers is the eyes of the public will 'open' one day on this site and it will change them. big thanks to the crew for your wonderful job.

  15. prise the lord sir, i thank god first for i got this site,and please add sabbath school lesson in videos format that is very helpful for us

  16. Dear Sugi,

    If you will check our front page, you will see that we already feature one video every week, and there are more in our Audio-visual section.

    That said, the intent of the Sabbath School lessons is to give you and your friends a subject to study and discuss for yourselves - not to watch others discussing. ;)

    May the Lord bless you as you use the weekly lessons as an aid to getting to know Christ better through the study of His Word.

  17. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. One asked which is the best bible version? To all that are reading this comment, experience has shown that if you are SDA don't go out on a bible study without KJV as your standard reference bible, if not the NKJV. You can use the other translations to compare but don't forget the KJV lest you be amazed when you are stuck and have no where to turn to and are bombarded with questions and you discover the version you have has some verses not included. Happy sabbath.

    • Stephen, the texts "left out" in reliable modern versions are the ones not found in the most respected ancient documents. It is best to leave out questionable texts when we give Bible studies, no matter which Bible version we use. All our doctrines can be demonstrated from nearly any translation of the Bible, including the "New World" translation (Jehovah's Witness).

      We need to remember that the KJV is available only to English speakers, and God has people in all language groups of the world, not just the English-speaking world. The KJV is a beautiful translation, and that's one of the reasons many of us love it. (I have memorized a lot of texts out of the KJV.) And there's reason for its beauty - the translators were charged with creating a translation with beauty of language. When they had a choice of how to translate a text (and those choices do happen in translation), they chose beauty of language over accuracy.

      That said, the KJV is still a good translation for the many people who love it. But we should not insist on using only the KJV because it presents a real hurdle to younger people we want to reach with the gospel - the hurdle of learning a new language, since the KJV is not written in the language of today.

  18. Thanks a lot for your hard work that enables individuals around the world to access and learn the realities about our God and Jesus Christ may God in His abundant love,joy,mercy and grace grant you blessings He has for you.Could you please feature on my page video on the sabbath school lessons so that i can be helped even more in knowing about Christ

  19. Todays lesson was very touching. If CHrist were to return today, will we be ready to receive him?
    Is there a Joshua of today? I mean if you and your family. Tiz yime we renounce our past andrmbrace thr present and future with Christ Our passonal saviour. Happy Sabbath breathrens.

  20. Its good and present to read every time Gods word because it reminds us that he is still the lord, people on earth now claiming to take the place of God, but when Jesus comes he will prove them wrong.

  21. am from Ethiopia,here what i want to suggest is,really happy by being one of sabbath school lesson student. please would you send the whole copy as pdf to my mail. the base for my knowledge is mainly based on the sabbath school lesson, therefore i would like to study it seriously! please send me,

  22. Hi,
    it's wonderful to know that bible study guide is on the website, so that Gods
    people who don't have hard copy, can excess, through electronically, and study daily

  23. Am so greatful for this last quater this year.The christians should be keen on their way of life for they reflect the image of Jesus Christ. If we are to win more souls,then our ways of life should be that which pleases God.


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