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  1. A slave to Jesus:
    Rom 6:12-23 describes what it means to be slaves of God.
    1) Free from the dominion of sin and its lusts
    2) Submit youself to God and your members as instruments of righteousness
    3) Obey from the heart the doctrine you received
    4) Be under dominion of grace
    5) Slaves to righteousness
    6) Slaves of God, fruit to holiness, everlasting life.

    A slave obeys his master without question, the master looks after every need of the slave and protects him.

    John 8:36 read alone seems to contradict being a slave, but in the context it makes sense.
    Read John 8:31-37 Jesus says:
    If you abide in My words (listen, learn, obey)
    THEN you are My disciples (note "My" belong to Him, disciples follow Him)
    THEN you will know the truth (He decides what is right or wrong)
    THEN His truth will set you free
    Free from what?
    Free from being slaves to sin!

    A slave to Jesus is wonderful because not only are we free from sin but (John 15:9-16) Jesus loves his slaves so much that he calls them friends and shares his thoughts and plans with them.

    I am a happy joyful fulfilled slave to Jesus.


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