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02: The Heartbeat of Revival – Teaching Plan — 5 Comments

  1. What i see here is that, wherever you call the God in prayer will be answered to you.Irrespective where you just pray to Him and put your petition before God and it will be answered. Amen

  2. Here is a plan for a happy marriage:
    1) ask your wife to make a special dish for supper tonight.
    2) remind her to iron my shirts for tomorrow
    3) be thankful that she makes the bed without telling her in the morning.
    4) tell her that it is her turn to mow the lawn on Sunday
    5) complain to her that the kids are noisy and making it difficult for you to watch the news on TV.

    At about that point your happy marriage dissolved in oblivion. If your wife is kind, she may just ignore you. If she is fiesty, she may beat you around the head with a blunt instrument.

    Sometimes our prayers are like that list for a "happy" marriage. And sometimes I think God ignores that sort of prayer.

    If you go through that list of demands that I suggested make a happy marriage, I am sure than many of you could come up with a list that would be far more effective:

    1) Share the cooking of supper so that both of you are pleased with the result.
    2) Buy shirts that do not need ironing.
    3) Make the bed yourself - you might get breakfast made for you in return.
    4) Mow the lawn while she is out doing the shopping.
    5) If the kids are noisy, play with them - there is another news program an hour later.

    A good marriage is a cooperative effort between good friends.

    A good prayer life is a cooperative effort between good friends too.
    Pray without ceasing!

  3. Actualy it is only through prayer that one weighs the depth of the faith that we have, it renews the relationship between us and God in the highest standard so far, personaly afteq prayer i fill energized and esteemed best.

  4. I must thank the good Lord I read the comments today and especially that of Maurice Ashton because now I understand that we cannot just have a list of wants that we want God to do for us and yet we live a life of disobedience. I think our prayers will all be answered if we obey yahweh.


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