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01: Revival: Our Great Need – Thought Starters — 7 Comments

  1. We are supposed to be revived so as to be reformed.
    all of these two are very much important.

  2. Revival gives you power to reform meaning it prepares you to attain new spirit in christ Jesus so that whatever you do will help you and others grow spiritually,otherwise one can not perform without the other,revival first and reformation comes in immediately.

  3. To my thinking one has to reform first then be revived.The two are important in one's life .So one cannot be reformed if not revived by the holy spirit and therefore we need both.

    • Revival is an internal change caused by the work of the Holy Spirit. Reformation is a result of this change.

  4. in order for us to be christian s or to reflect the image of God we need to be revived or to leave our evil doings and accept christ

  5. I deeply believe that I am a part of the Revival and have its fruits when my life has completely changed to one that loves and follows Jesus Christ 100 per cent. May God bless each and everyone who studies this Bible Study.


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