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  1. we should always rememember that ,once we accept to be founded on christ,and him alone to be the solid rock upon which we should stand,I can assure you that nothing shall ever blow us off no matter how tempest it may be.his word,love and faithfulnes are always sufficient to see us through in what ever situation that we may be subjected to.

  2. If we fully surrender our lives in reading God's word we will find comfort that will carry us through into whatever trials and tribulations we find ourselves into.

    • I also think that in addition of bible reading, one needs to build up his faith through experiences. Then, each experience coupled with bible knowledge will be strong foundations for our faith, helping to go through rough times.

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    This week lesson has throw more light on our dependence of the word of God in transforming our life nd also the lives of others. Is only demands the word of GOD that we can have change in the power of God.As David pleaded to God,that God should revived Him,is my prayer too that God revives us nd be rejoice in Him.amen.

  4. This is a wonderful lesson and, it' very timely for God' people as we near the end of earth' history. My prayer is we as a remnant realize this work cannot be finished without the third part of the trinity (The Holy Ghost).

  5. According to the Word of God by beholding we become changed! What have You been upholding???? If you behold spend time with Jesus in the Word You be transformed into His likeness. So yes the Word does revive and encourage the Heart for Righteousness!


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