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  1. I'm a medical student, I have a question, well, it's not wrong to work on Sabbath, but how about studying on sabbath?? You see, on Sabbath I have classes, lectures, and even I need to go to the hospital to see the patient. Is it okay?? I'am confused, last time my pastor told me that every person have his own mission to be realized, if they are soldiers and they work on Sabbath it is their duty which has been given by God. I'm not quite sure I can become a good doctor if I would skip my classes, lecture or not seeing my patient on Sabbath even if I was still a student because faith without work is dead.. im really stressed out 🙁 can anyone answer my question..... :'(

  2. I thank God that he gave you an opportunity to be a medical student. There are many many young people who do not have that opportunity. Praise God for His love. Praise God for giving everyone an opportunity to be saved. Praise God for giving His rules (Laws) to show us the right way and to lead us to salavation. Afterall praise God for giving us Sabbath to be the time set aside to rest from all our work and worship Him who created this world. May God bless and assist you in your study.

  3. God is good that he gave you knowledge of knowing that He is a creator and he commands all human kind to worship him as a creator by Sabbath keeping. I am also a medical personnel, the challenges your facing is always there to many in the field. But through what Jesus did who is the Lord of the sabbath, we come with confidence in treating and saving lives, but not attending classes.

  4. He is God of law and order, if the world political environment today does better with laws to govern its only evident enough that law shall be always be there. Lets us respect and strive to live within the laws or commandments of God after all they are for betterment of our lives only.


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