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07: Lord of the Sabbath – Teaching Plan — 6 Comments

  1. Where we can, yes it is advisable that we do not light any fires or stoves. That could be the best, it is growing in Christ.

  2. The best way to keep the sabbath is by preparing for it.
    The best you are prepared, the better you are in not doing the things that could be avoided

  3. Please how do we tell people about the Sabbath because many don't know what to say when you ask about Sabbath and Sunday. How do we clear them because according to the lesson Jesus let the Pharisees know the difference about Sabbath and Sunday. Please I want somebody to tell me more about this Sabbath.

  4. What if Jesus had died on a Tuesday and resurrected on a Thursday. The wisdom of God supercede our limit of 70-year time frame. And I am so thankful for that. So in the milieu of all these deliberations and theories, let us follow the example of Jesus: Diligently seek the will of God through the personal revelations and insights of the Holy Spirit and go about each day seeking to reach out to others inspite of who they are and despite our human need for selfpreservation....
    Jesus is ALSO Lord of the Sabbath and he sought to bless humanity for the praise and exaltation of His Father and the expansion of the Kingdom of Grace on this earth. Let us promote the JOY of the Sabbath. Jesus-Others-You in our every day duties as we weekly celebrate the pleasure of spending time with Jesus now and throughout eternity.


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