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  1. In response to #1
    These are questions a lot of our members are asking.
    Too often the answers are pat answers or on the other side -- soothing answers as if it really didn't matter

    Actually the way the questions are asked (and it's the way most people ask them) focuses on a "do I have to please God to be saved or is Jesus sacrifice for me enough?" approach.This places salvation in a very shallow concept.

    We need to remember that each of us were born in "destruction city" -- born in a realm of sin that WILL end in destruction and probably would have self destructed long ago except for God's mercy in holding back the fatal sin disease long enough to save as many as possible from the destruction.

    Salvation is NOT like a rich person sending out invitations to people living in comparative safety, saying, if you will do X amount of tasks I will invite you to dine at my table.

    Salvation is more like a rescue crew by a sinking ship. A rescue made possible only through Christ's sacrifice. The rescuer is crying out to the soon to drowned passengers instructions that will allow them to be rescued. "Don't run back to your room to get your money, reach out now for the life saver." "Go to station 246 and prepare to board the life boat." etc.

    When we see ourselves in the latter position we realize the "obey and live" command is essential to Jesus saving us. When He calls us to let go of any sin that is dragging us under the black waters of destructions, it's so we might have life! And He is right there to pull us up out of the waters of sin and give us life.

    So what happens when a person refuses to obey -- they refuse to clasp the life saver Jesus is holding out for them.
    No, it's not the literal Sabbath day in and of itself, that saves them, it's submitting to Jesus, letting go of the worldliness that is dragging us under, and clasping onto Christ and obeying the things He has asked us to do -- knowing full well that everything He has asked of us, He will enable us to accomplish and are for the purpose of rescuing people from the doomed ship of sin that's about to totally destruct.

    Is obedience to Christ an option?
    Not if you are reaching out to Him to save you from the sinking ship of sin.
    Scripture says of Christ's last day followers --These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. Rev. 14:4
    14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here [are] they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.


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