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  1. Most people are keen to make others comply with laws that support what suits them, however the same people will complain about laws that restrict them. In general our attitude to laws are self-centred

    I don't think James is saying we should not have order in home, school, work, social or church situations. First he says don't 'slander' your brother, which is accusing him of something that is not true, secondly he says don't 'condemn' your brother, which I believe going back to what Jesus said in John 6 means pronouncing that he is saved or not saved, only Jesus has that authority to do that.

    We must always remember God's rules are all from a loving heart and for our own good and happiness.

    We should plan, however we should plan by first finding out what is God's will for our future, then construct our plans around His will.

    This world is not our home, we're just a passing through, so don't let earthly things weigh us down and slow our journey.

  2. The Sabbath school lesson has once again lighten me on how to live a Christlike life.
    We all have our weakness and shortcomings therefore let as ask the good Lord to always guide us in our daily activities so that one day we might not be judge since will one-day someday stand before the judge in judgement.


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