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20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years of Bible Work — 10 Comments

  1. Interesting, provocative insight. Useful also.
    In my country there is a problem when go door to door because every one thinks you must be a Jehovah witness. And there is no time to explain.

    • Thank you for your comment Goran. I am not sure which country you are writing from, but here in the United States we have the same problem. However the JWs show us that it does work and is effective. If it works for them it can work for us.

      I actually had another Bible Worker a few years ago refuse to go to a door with me for fear they would think we were Jehovah Witnesses. I told him Jesus instructs us to go two by two. Well apparently this Bible worker thought he was smarter than Jesus and refused. Not only did Jesus send them out two by two, but again, if the JWs are famous for it, it must be working for them. If it works for them it can work for us.

      • I am from Croatia, small country in EU. I think JWs take that ministry. Because we are lacking that kind of spirit for endurance in that. They go in spite what majority disliked. We don't have that kind of attitude.

  2. Thank you, brother. Lesson #5, #7, #9, #11 and #17 stand out for me.

    As God is increasing my faith and giving me responsibility in the church, I sometimes, unwittingly, send passive members on a guilt trip (but not to make myself feel good but in the hope they’ll wake up from their spiritual sleep and get busy for God.) Thanks for tip #5, I’ll be slowing my roll in that regard—as it does more damage than good.

    The Bible says be wise as serpents. Lesson # 17 calls for that. If we only but listen, we can see through people’s façade—like when they’re trying to “over-compensate” for something they lack or, in this case, for the sin they secretly indulge.

    Good lesson also from #11. There are a lot of evangelical preachers out there that started out humbly but now they’re serving mammon instead of God. Very important that we don’t compromise even for the smallest gift. Wildfires start out small. The Bible says, freely you have received, so free give.

    LOL @ the 12:30-in-the-morning lady btw. The Devil works through other humans to distract, stress and eventually discourage us from the good work. That lady would have caused you so much drama to the point your ministry would have been affected. Praise God for his protection.

  3. Thanks for the great tips and insight, and thanks for a good chuckle too. Am sure the Lord has blessed you and those you have ministered to, greatly!

  4. I loved reading through this article on your experiences, William. All these points were so real and informative on giving Bible studies. However, numbers 5, 6, and 20 really stuck out for me. Listening and reaching out is so important, much more important than pushing the Bible at someone. I guess it is part of where God places emphasis always--on relationships and connecting. Additionally, number 20 talking about balance is vital. I always remember how in an airplane we are advised in an emergency to get the air mask over ourselves before trying to help someone else put theirs on--like Jesus saying we will love others as we love ourselves!

  5. Very practical. Very true.

    Every one who is giving Bible studies, or considering giving Bible studies (shouldn't this be all of us?!) should read this. And then re-read it!

  6. Well Inge, on my very first visit as a Literature Evangelist, I knocked on a door and the husband answered the door and invited me in, without announcing it to his wife. I sat down "randomly" where I could see down the hallway. A few moments later,his wife stepped out of the bathroom not exactly dressed for visitors, or actually dressed at all. When she saw me she leaped across the hallway into what I suspect was the bedroom. A few minutes later she came out dressed, and acted like nothing ever happened. From then on, unless I know everyone knows I am there, I sit with my back to the hallway to avoid any awkward moments. I imagine the wife had a little talk with her husband after I left.


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