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  1. Amen. Great article. Reminds me what E. G. White said, “Those who endeavor to maintain Christian life by passively accepting the blessings that come through the means of grace, and doing nothing for Christ, are simply trying to live by eating without working.
    It’s worth mentioning also that working for Christ isn’t a walk in the park. I learned that this week when I stood up to preach in front of what I thought are “church people.” It didn’t even cross my mind to encounter such kind of demonic attack while on the pulpit. Anyways, as I started to preach, two members in the front started to laugh and make fun of me (as if I’m there talking about myself.) I was there representing the same Christ that saved them and me. Anyways, I finished the sermon by the grace of God.
    Later that night, I got down on my knees and asked God what went wrong. The Spirit said, “If you want to work for me, expect resistance. Wherever there’s motion, there’s friction. Plus, that attack is evidence of the fact that I AM with you.” Then the Spirit lead me to the Book of Numbers where Moses and Aaron faced fierce resistance (to the point of being stoned) from rebels they were leading to the Promised Land. That humbled me even more. What I faced is nothing when compared to that. It’s a strange feeling though when you see for the first time how the Devil works through human agencies in the least place you expect him to, the church. God help us all!

  2. "For those fighting in the jungles of Luzon and elsewhere, they lived that reality. Their commitment to it and their willingness to die for that commitment may have been no less than the commitment Jesus demonstrated on the cross."
    A humanistic assessment will characterize the commitment of soldiers dying for their country as "no less than the commitment Jesus demonstrated". It is the same humanistic assessment that perceives the death of Jesus Christ as quantified in 6 hours of intense suffering, less than the suffering some humans have had to endure. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned, offering the human a look into the meaning of the suffering, as well as the commitment, of Jesus Christ, who as God, lays his identity aside, and choose the identity of sin of, "becoming for us". The perfect God chose to become sin. Give glory.

  3. The lesson is just great.
    There is no way we can just stay waiting for the new earth while ignoring our present godly needs, we have to do everything to have a good life on the earth we have.. Care for the needy, praising our heavenly Father every Sabbath.

  4. Jesus (Our LORD) is really a good shepherd and really knows the sheep. We the sheep do normally forget our good shepherd.

  5. The Shepherd of the church is Christ,we are the hands and feet of His role as a Shepherd in this world. If we sit back and warm the chairs every Sabbath and fail to do the work of the Shepherd in church and in the community we are representing Christ as a bad Shepherd. The Shepherd cares,feed and protect His flock. May the Lord make us realise how important are we in being His feet and hands in this work of Him being the Shepherd. He can raise stones to do the work thus if we remain glued on our chairs.


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