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Monday: The God Who Longs to Be With Us — 4 Comments

  1. When I was a kid I did not really understand radio. Sure we had a radio in the home but I initially thought that it was some electrical magic that came through the power plug. Then transistor radios arrived on the scene and suddenly there were no connecting wires and I had to rethink my whole concept of radio communication. Of course, I soon studied physics and electromagnetic radiation and understood how and why it all worked. The "magic" of radio disappeared in the fog of formulas, circuit diagrams, and heavy concepts like heterodyning, resonance, and so on. Ultimately I learned that electromagnetic radiation is everywhere and if you have the right equipment you can decode it and listen to the messages that it is carrying.

    The thing is that God is always trying to communicate with us. Not only that he has given us the right equipment to listen to him. But, sometimes we have turned it off or have not connected it to the power source. I will leave the reader to work out how that happens.

    • It's just like what am going through now. God teaches us His ways early enough before a situation, too bad we give him a deaf ear. We just finished studying the lesson Managing For The Master. The following month I see my boss' business fairing do badly that he even lost weight. I opted to take a loan on his behalf to save the situation. Still the business didn't pick yet I have to pay back the loan. Am learning that lesson a second time the hard way, practical.

  2. “What are ways that you experience God’s presence in your life?”
    Quite simply, when I experience answered prayer and the still small voice saying “this is the way…” (Isaiah 30:21) And when I experience the peace that passes all understanding. And through the kindness of strangers that are vessels of His love and mercy.

    To riff on Maurice’s apt radio analogy, I’ve heard radio waves described as being part of “all the light we cannot see” (also the name of a book,btw). We cannot physically see God’s presence, but we can experience his light, hear his voice, and feel his nearness.


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