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  1. In the days when I was involved in teaching computers in places of higher learning, each year I sat on a committee that recommended and approved expenditure on capital items for computing equipment for next year's budget. Each department would submit a request for the items they thought they needed. This was at a time when computing was expanding rapidly and people were saying it was "the way of the future". Most submissions were a bit optimistic. They asked for a lot more than they could afford. They asked for equipment in the hope that it would do the job they had in mind. Many of them had not really done the research and provided the justification to make their requests valid. We used a description for these sorts of requests: "They are just dreaming!"

    Prior to these committee meetings, I would go to some of these departments with a few questions just to fill in the blanks in my mind about the validity of their requests. My main goal was to find out what they were currently doing in that particular area. It was the computer equipment request version of the idea I expressed yesterday:

    If you want people to believe the "unbelievable, you need to make sure they believe the "believable".

    Were they really using their current equipment and had come up with a situation where computer equipment would provide a way forward? Or, was it just a "Let's jump on the computer bandwagon" situation? Ultimately when it came to approving requests in the committee room, those department requests where the need was demonstrated by what they were doing now were given a far better reception than those who were dreaming.

    Some of us are living in a dream world, thinking how good it will be to be vindicated for shouting that Jesus is coming again. Perhaps we should be asking ourselves, "Are we living as though we are in the presence of Jesus right now?"

    If we live the "believable" now, then we have a chance to teach the "unbelievable" to those around us. if our talk about the "unbelievable" does not resonate with the way we live, our unbelieving friends are smart enough to see that as hypocrisy.

    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matt 5:16 KJV

  2. Sometimes, we value the presence of someone only when we lose it. Occasionally, we must deal with the desire to be with whom we love because we don't have the loved one close. Love may keep us longing. This is where we are right now with Christ. We can feel His presence through the "wind" of the Holy Spirit, but we must wait patiently for His physical return. He is longing as much as we are. And the meeting is going to be THE EVENT. It is the most crucial event in hundreds of years for the entire planet. How are we getting ready for it?

  3. Very interesting, Maurice Ashton, I became a Painting COntractor. The Apostle Paul became a "Tent Maker." Both of these are nowhere near your teaching in places of "Higher Learning." However, I have served in Church Boards as an "Elder," and as "Head Deacon." I have witnessed thousands and thousands of dollars spent for thousands and thousands of "Signs of the Times," and "Glow" tracks and hundreds of hours by Church members to go from house to house and businesses to place these pamphlets of our "Message," to the non Seventh Day Adventist public. And for all this time and money I witnessed only one person that came and was baptized into membership to our Church along with her little girl and 6 months later, she and her little daughter left to go back to her previous "Christian" background.

    Jesus is the only one who demonstrated for us how to work for souls and I see no where in His working where He spent money for literature and time like this. His best example for me is "The Woman at the Well," He just asked her for some water and the rest of the story is in John 4:5-24 And what did Jesus tell the Samaritan woman?: First, to give Him a drink of water. Second, that He would give her water so that she would not need to come to the well anymore. We are to follow this example of Jesus with strangers: Share our food with them and then teach them to work for their own food etc., just like Paul made tents to feed himself and others and like I paint and share my food with others and teach them work and paint for their food.


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