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5 Quick and Easy Tips Anyone can use to Give Effective Bible Studies — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for the helpful tips to help me to effectively conduct the Bible study during the Sabbath School class for the adult members.

  2. Am a member of a very large congregation. In the afternoon, those who return for Bible study on Sabbaths are more than 400. One afternoon, my elder asked me if I could give a Bible study. I just thought, am I even ready for that? And I said no. Reason? I felt like I knew nothing, and they knew more, so I couldn't. But, with this post in mind, I think I should always be ready.

  3. Thank you for a spirit-filled and encouraging approach to facilitating a Bible study. Although I consider myself lacking in this area, I feel empowered to give it a try.

    Indeed, as with Balaam and the donkey, God often chooses the weak things of the world to confound the strong, and the simple things of the world to confound the mighty.

  4. Many thanks for your superb, practical instructions. You wrote ‘Stick with the study guides or chain referencing format.’ In principle, l’m in total agreement, but often people we meet are in situations that may not lend themselves to the specific sequencing of a Bible study guide. I am reminded of Philip meeting the Ethiopian official in Acts 8:35. ‘Then Philip opened his mouth and began at the same scripture and preached unto him JESUS’ (i.e. he studied with the eunuch where he was at). My having said that, what are your thoughts regarding preparing ‘tailor made’ Bible studies? Or is it preferable to follow a guide?

    • Thank you, Marcia, for your kind words and questions. Every study should be centered on Jesus. That is why I developed the In Light of the Cross Study guides. Every doctrine is centered on the cross. As far as making tailor-made Bible studies, if one is skilled enough to do so, that is great. My tips are more for beginners who need encouragement. I would just encourage anyone making a tailor-made study (and I have done so many times, myself) to make sure they are following a logical sequence and end with asking for a decision. Also, as far as making tailor-made studies, please remember, not only are the study guide questions in a logical sequence, but the topics and guides themselves are arranged in a logical sequence. But yes, we have to let the Holy Spirit lead in every situation.


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