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  1. What a wonderful, clear explanation of the gift provided by Christ Jesus on the cross.
    Assuming that long ago the Angels 'got it' about sin and rebellion, and that the sin problem is confined to humans and earth is but a shallow understanding of the Cross.
    Praise The Lord for His love and for those like William who share insight. Doing so shines the light of God's love ever deeper into the lives of others.
    I too will share this light.

  2. Quoting William : "Some have the idea that once we get to heaven, God will flip a little switch in the back of our heads that makes us stop sinning. After all, we will be in heaven and so we automatically won’t sin right? Wait. Where did sin begin? Heaven!"

    To me this is a tremendously important concept.

    And in my view an interesting parable/picture relating to this, can be found in the building of Solomon's Temple. (1Kings 6:7 KJV.) For the most part the building was to be prefabricated off-site. All the hewing and squaring of stone, etc. was to be done in the quarries. If adjustments were needed, then the stone-block would have to be removed from the Temple site and done elsewhere. This, I believe, all relates to the "living stones" (1Pet 2:5) that are to be finally assembled in heaven. Our cutting out from the quarry (this world), and the shaping of character, must all be done before we are physically changed "in a moment", and caught up to meet Jesus.

    But if we"cling to self, and are not willing to endure the trying process of fitting for the heavenly building, [we] will have no place in that structure which will come together without the sound of ax or hammer." (4Testimonies p.258; 1Kings 6:7)

    Like you, William, I do not believe that there will even be the faintest sound [so to speak,] of a "little switch [being flicked] in the back of our heads that makes us stop sinning".

    "Many are deceiving themselves by thinking that the character will be transformed at the coming of Christ, but THERE WILL BE NO CONVERSION OF HEART AT HIS APPEARING." (Adventist Home p.313)

    "The change from earth to heaven will not change men's characters; the happiness of the redeemed in heaven results from the characters formed in this life, after the image of Christ." (EGW 6Bible Comments p.1072)

    • ..."When He comes He is not [1] to cleanse us of our sins, [2] to remove from us the defects in our characters, or [3] to cure us of the infirmities of our tempers and dispositions. If wrought for us at all, this work will all be accomplished before that time. When the Lord comes, those who are holy will be holy still." (2T 355)

  3. Good thoughts. To make peace is to bring back into harmony, to set things right - demonstrating God's justice. According to AW Tozer, "The essence of idolatry is the entertainment thoughts about God that are not worthy of Him." As Christians, we must remember that the central problem with legalism is not so much about thinking we can earn our salvation through works and behaviors, including Sabbath-keeping, tithe-paying, etc. It is about being preoccupied with our legal standing with God. A right understanding of God's character and why Christ died is essential to us and our message. At the cross, God was not above the cross, pouring out His wrath on His Son (or sinners). At the cross we see the Father IN His Son pouring out His love. The death of Christ on the cross answered all questions for the heavenly angels and other worlds by unveiling the depths of evil in satan's rebellion while fully demonstrating the immeasurable love of God for His wounded creation. See TA 205-6.

  4. Thanks so much for this clear explanation. I've been thinking about this question for years. You've helped broaden my understanding, God Bless! ?

  5. I would wonder if 1Corinthians 15:51,52 is not, understood or,deemed applicable, to the discussion regarding our condition and acceptability to eternal salvation that Jesus provided. I understand the change in those verses are not only physical, but mentally and spiritually. I see it as no trace of human frailties with propensity to sin. That change is not our doing. Is Gods' plan in need of anything that humans can provide? Is freedom of choice an issue? From our limited human perspective, maybe for some. It seems logical to me that what we call the "Great Controversy" will never happen again. If you can wrap your mind around the concept of eternity then you may have insight that I do not.

    • Hi Paul, You raise a very good question. I re-read 1 Corinthians 15 to get the full context and did not see anything about our spirituality or minds being changed, so looked up Spirit of Prophecy passages mentioning 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 and saw no reference to a change in character. So I went to the SDA Bible commentary which only referenced our bodies being changed from mortal to immortal. Revelation 22:11-12 tells me that when Jesus comes there will be no change of mind or spirit as he says let he who is filthy be filthy still and he who is righteous be righteous still. Also my understanding of Revelation 7 is that we will be sealed before Christ returns. No, I do not have my mind wrapped around this. We will be studying it through all eternity, and as we study the cross through all eternity we will be guarded from apostasy.

      • Hi William I would agree that my understanding of those texts is not spelled out or specifically mentioned in those texts. Because Paul is talking about a change that includes the living as well as the dead, it seems reasonable that a complete change in mind, body and soul, is what Paul had in mind. The corruptible is a lack if immortality, Or eternal life. To only change physical properties and leave our sinful tendencies would only be a partial fix. These type of discussions often lead to other avenues such as when we are judged and who will and who will not be saved. One last thought. God is not looking for ways to keep people out of Heaven. 2peter 3:9 as well as John 3:16 and 1Tim 2:4 to name just a few.

        • No way is God trying to keep us out of heaven. Matthew 25:41 tells us hell is prepared for the devil and his angels, not you and me. Matthew 25:34 and John 14:1-3 tell us God is preparing a place for us to live with Him and has been planning on us being with Him sense the foundation of the world. Good news!

    • We are not capable of providing what is needed. It is God providing the healing of mind, heart and character, providing the new body needed to restore us fully to the image of God. God does need and want something from us - He needs and wants US, our genuine, unreserved love. He wants to complete the cycle of love, the relationship between Him and us as we were once created to live. He has provided the remedy to sin and the only avenue to restore that relationship in Jesus and the plan of At-One-Ment. We were created with moral freedom, and our restoration in body, mind and character includes that freedom. True love for God cannot exist without the freedom of His created intelligent beings. The universe will be forever secure because of what happened here, especially the events of Calvary. God's love has been fully revealed, His character fully vindicated. Sin - selfishness, evil, living out of harmony with God's design laws - gone forever! Heaven and the New Earth will be restored to those whose freedom would not be violated by the gracious gift of eternal life. They will not be the source of another rebellion. The meaning of the Cross and the Plan of Salvation is so much bigger than just us. It is about this: "...last message of mercy to be given to the world, is the revelation of His character of love." (COL 415) Is our church really presenting this? Why are we still here? It is time to fulfill our church's calling in these final days.

    • Paul, I understand that it was once a reasonably common teaching in our church, that in this life "WE NEED NOT RETAIN ONE SINFUL PROPENSITY". (EGW Maranatha p.225, etc.) And for those that may not understand, propensity = a leaning, or a tendency toward.

      Many hold the idea that Christians are obliged to sin - in bondage to sin - right up until the day that Jesus returns. But I suggest that once the idea is adopted, it becomes self-fulfilling.

      • Stewart, I am not suggesting that because we have a tendency towards sinful actions, it is acceptable. Paul in Romans 7 deals with this problem in much the same way as we do today. Sin is pleasurable in most cases, all be it temporary. Hebrews 11:24,25. We were all born into a sinful world. We had no choice. Eph. 6:12 describes how hopeless it is to try to eliminate sin from our lives by means of own ability alone. Satan has the ability to attack our most vulnerable and weakest areas and we become prey to the roaring lion. Self seems to be the main cause of sin. If it feels good do it, is the motto of those that indulge in willful sin. Paul has the answer to the dilemma,Rom.7:24,25.

        • I've pondered each sentence here, Paul, and agree with you on almost every point. I wasn't looking for fault, and I may be misunderstanding the sense of the thought, but when you say,

          "...Satan has the ability to attack our most vulnerable and weakest areas [and yes, thus far I am in complete agreement... but you go on to say] and we become prey to the roaring Lion." Do you mean that it is inevitable that we become prey? Will there ever be a day that we can, by the grace and the keeping of God, escape or overcome the Lion when he comes hunting us?

          Of course Jesus escaped and overcame the lion, didn't He? But must we say that He had advantages over us? ... and that His life presents a standard that will remain [this side of glory,] completely beyond our reach? Is it true that Christians cannot keep the law of God through the empowering of God? And that we must transgress (i.e. must sin)?

          • The verse 1Peter5:8, that says that Satan is (like) a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, is what was going through my mind. Are we then without protection? No not at all. When we talk about keeping the law,it is assumed most of the time that the ten commandment law is the law referred to. This becomes a whole different discussion, because motive has to be considered among other reasons. I think we both agree that it points out sin, per the Apostle Paul. If we include what I call the 11th and 12th commandment Matt22:36-40 it may change our perspective and motive for keeping the other ten. Yes it can only be done through the power of God, a gift of the Holy Spirit.

  6. I Love the message... JESUS died for us all because of HIS GREAT LOVE then we should not WORRY for anything else in this LIFE. We should not doubt him instead we will put all our trust in him.

    Thank you William.. HAPPY SABBATH!

  7. Yes, yes, yes. What was wrong in heaven and on earth was a distrust of God's goodness and His interest in our wellfare. The cross is the answer to the question of whether God cares for His children. I would guess there are a thousand more questions that I have not even thought of and which the cross speaks to, but this most basic of questions is clearly answered at the cross. This is one of the loveliest explanations I've seen yet on this theme. Beautifully done. steve

  8. Perhaps, I'm not able to comprehend the SDA teaching about heaven, although I'm a 2nd generation SDA.
    I have been bothered and burdened by your views of heaven. I have been praying that God gives me the enlightenment.
    The Bible says that our body will be raised incorruptible. If we die with feeble mind that part of our body will be incorruptible likewise and not only the physical body.
    The Bible says also that we will be like Christ when He returns partaking with His Divinity. So if I am with Christ why should I have to worry about my possibility of falling into sin since the Bible says that the order of things shall pass. Since there is no death in heaven which is the result of sin then my free will is only to love God. Sin is erased in my memory.
    This is my burden and please help my unbelief.


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