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  1. I agree William, Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:5-8 that we must be born again. What a great gift he gave us if we accept it.

  2. IS change/repent is an action freely by sinner? or also an act of Holy Spirit in the heart of the sinner?

  3. Nathan, Romans 2:4 says that we are lead to repentance by God. Another statement, By Ellen White in her book, A New Life(Revival And Beyond)
    page 20, she says, the sinner cannot bring himself to repentance. He must be drawn by the Spirit of God. These are comforting words for us. Especially if we try to accomplish repentance through our own efforts alone. God knows our frailties, and that is Gods' nature, and the reason for 2Peter 3:9

  4. We surrender our bad habits to Christ. Christ invites us to the wedding. We recognize His Grace, all He has done for us. We accept the invataion of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works within us, like leaven in bread. We willingly put on the wedding garment. Repentence is ours. No wonder in Matthew 22 Christ was so adement about wearing it. Yes Matthew 22 implys it is a gift. Praise the Lord we are saved. Not by anything we do, but by His Grace through faith. Romans 1:17. 3:22,24,28,31. 3:21-31.

  5. Please I want to know the time of the flood did Noah preach on that time if yes please can you show me where inside the bible says Noah preach on that time and did he preach 120 years thank you

    • His sermon was more in action rather than in words.There is no biblical bases that literally describes him preaching but if you read the story of Noah you will realize there must have been a mixed reaction towards his demonstration of the aforementioned direct warning. Some thought it was his crazy idea and to some alloyed themselves to render good actions toward making it a success (building an ark), but along the way they wearied and dumped and went back to their daily habits. That's how they somehow lost it, meanwhile their probation was slowly but surely wearing off, they were lulled to their comfort sin zone until they noticed the outpouring of the wroth of God when it was but too late. Our object lesson in this is to never undermine God's work, nor matter how much silly it might look.

  6. Thank you for your message. Repentance in the new testament means to "renew your mind". It also says, repent (renew your mind / change) and believe. It also says," The Kingdom is at hand - righteousness, grace, joy,peace, all things He made available. But we must believe God's Word and trust Him and not to look at our circumstances. Change your mind and your behavior will change - Rom 10:10. We have to change the way we think. Our behaviours will change, if we change our thinking. We must repent (change our minds) of sin (it moves us away from God).Real repentance is to change your mind to be in line with God's Word. The devil does not want you to know who you are in Christ- Christ died for your sins, sicknesses, poverty, everything. What stops us, is our believing, the lies from satan. What did satan said to Adam and Eve, if you eat from this fruit, you will become like God. They were already made in the image of God. What did satan said to Jesus, if you bow before me, I will give you all these. Everything already belonged to Jesus. Jesus died for everything. Why don't we have it, we have to stop believing the lies of satan and renewing our minds daily. My people (yes my people) perish, due to the lack of knowledge . May we renew our minds and know tha God's Word is the truth- God Bless !!


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