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7 A’s of Reconciliation — 3 Comments

  1. William - thank you for these helpful, practical highlights pointing out the need to reconcile with those we have offended. Yes, reconciliation is at the heart of Salvation and it is imperative that we seek continuous reconciliation with all - including, and first and foremost, with our Creator.

    I have always made sure my aplogy states clearly my offence and expect from those who apologize to me to state clearly what they apologize for. If they do not understand fully the nature of their offence, offering an insincere apology cannot lead to a change in behavior or might become habitual and therefore creates an environment needing constant forgivness in order to stay reconciled!

    Maybe, the problem why so many Christians are lukewarm in their relationship with their God is based on their either insincere, half-hearted acknowledgement of their transgression, or not fully understanding the importance of the need to ask for the restorative forgiveness of God.

    I believe that all Christians are in desparate need of a deeper, spiritual understanding of the Truth related to Reconciliation with God as revealed in Scripture; after all, our Salvation is at stake.

  2. For sure we need to be genuine if we need to be forgiven or forgive others.And it's through forgiveness that we less our burdens.Proverbs 17:22


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