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Are Adventists Old-Covenant Christians? (Part 6) — 7 Comments

  1. Just simply enlightening and a blessing. A history lesson. All we have is the history and TRUTH in the Scripture.

  2. Thank you for this, Marcos. I trust that our readers can take your explanation of the importance of the freedom of the will in Adventist teaching to heart. Some of the participants on our blog seem to be unaware of the crucial role freedom of choice plays in the whole cosmic controversy scenario.

    I also appreciate your reference to the "mystery of iniquity," when you write,

    Nevertheless, freedom of will does not of itself explain the origin of sin and evil. These remain a mystery for which no explanation can ever be given. Rather, what the character of God, His creation motive, His parametric design, and creaturely freedom do is to enable men to know that God is not morally responsible for the entrance of sin. However, to attempt to fully explain its origin is almost to find justification for it.

    As you point out, Ellen White puts it concisely when she writes

    Could excuse for [sin] be found, or cause be shown for its existence, it would cease to be sin.

    • Thank you for your thoughts Inge! I do find an unfortunate tendency among Arminians to try and explain the origin of sin in order to vindicate God. In my opinion its unnecessary and problematic. We can vindicate God by promoting the truth of freewill but we dont need to go beyond this to find a reason for sins existence. there isnt one.

  3. The series of articles are certainly interesting. It is most fascinating to me to see the foundation from which one approaches scripture. To the calvinist this idea of free will is rejected on the basis of scripture, to the Arminian-Wesleyan free will is upheld on the basis of scripture. It seems to me the foundational approach is the place of discussion, thus the articles have done a great job at establishing the SDA foundational approach. Thanks for the effort and blessings on the continued ministry

    • I really appreciate Marcos's insightful posts. It helps to understand the perspective from which others reason. If nothing else, it should teach us respect for other interpretations of Scripture.

  4. Thank you for these very insightful thoughts. As an interesting thought (which may be personal), would it not be interesting if these concepts of God as a designer, agape love, free will/choice could be further explained in the context of genomes and emerging knowledge in genetic engineering?


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