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Faith Does all the Work — 6 Comments

  1. Hi William

    If I am understanding you correctly, are you saying that the things I do as I go through my day are done using the empowering that God gives me via his Holy Spirit - as opposed to trying to do things in my own 'strength' apart from God? That what I do is a collaborative partnership with God whereby I depend upon His energising of my mind and body so that I can walk in harmony with His will for my day?

    • I think so. There's no boasting in that, consequently. Whatever we do, big or small, when done through humility, it is more of God working through us.
      It make sense when Jesus said even little faith can move mountain. Things that are impossible to human eyes, are child-play to God.

  2. Thank you for this explanation. It makes more sense as I began to realize how God is eager to work through us the things that He has in store for us. Yet, He is not able to do it without that channel of faith.

    But there was one event where Abraham performed the "Works" without faith. It was when He gave in to the pleading of Sarah. They had a child of the flesh, Ishmael. That's one example where work was performed outside faith in God. The work had become more important to oneself more than faith in God.

  3. I love this point and explanations. Please i would love to get more updates on this lesson reviews as time permits.
    Thanks & remain Blessed in Jesus Christ.

  4. Beautiful. Jesus said "Without Me you can do nothing" John 15:5. Whatever good we do is through God's power and grace. Thank you for the lovely explanation. steve


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