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  1. Growing up in the Caribbean it was God the father , today it's all about Jesus not the father any more why is that.

  2. I enjoyed your teaching for this subject.
    Dr Burton, this is my question.
    Why did Jesus chose to heal sick people on the Sabbath day rather than 6 other days in a week?
    There were many hours to heal, cure or serve the sick, deaf, blind or other ill people. Jesus knew that Phareesee hated to do something . If those ill people were under urgent or emergent to their life, then they even me understood. I want to see your opinion about my question.
    Thanks for your reply.

    • Jesus was healing everyday according to the scriptures. Yes he knew that the religious leaders would not be pleased about healing on the Sabbath, but I think he wanted to teach them and us, that the Sabbath was a time of liberation not of bondage. It was created to benefit us, and not to be a slave master over us. He wanted to show them that letting the oppressed be freed from infirmity was not work and that doing good was part of the joy of the Sabbath

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jason. The question assumes healing on the Sabbath is somehow forbidden. However, there is nothing in God's word that supports this. On the contrary, the very fact that Jesus heals on the Sabbath is proof that it is according to God's will.



  3. Dear Mr. Burton,
    There is a brother in my church (Old Westbury, NY) who is obsessed with knowing the difference between civic law and civil law. It just so happened that I taught Lesson 1 that Sabbath. I'm no lawyer, and apparently, he was not satisfied with the answer I gave. Could you clarify for me so then I can tell this brother what you meant by these two terms? Thank you. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Yours truly,
    Elder Carl Vinas, Old Westbury SDA church

    • Hello Elder Vinas,

      This is merely a semantic issue. The term "civic" is used to describe the duty of a citizen, which is often defined by civil law.


      Keith Augustus Burton.


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