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Wednesday: A Time for Healing — 5 Comments

  1. There are different forms of healing i.e healing of body/mind and spirit. When Jesus walked this earth he proformed many miracles and on the sabbath day as mentioned, he did miracles of healing. He leave the disciples with his example of what is expected of them as they take the message to all the 'then world'. We in 2014 are given the same command. As Gods' people, while we go to the hospital to be seen by a train personel, healing can also take place anywhere. Jesus showed us that healing can be done on the streets, in church or any other places. My question is; do anyone knew if hospitals existed at that time? The bible mentioned Luke as a doctor.

  2. In the time of Jesus And the apostles the world witnessed true healing. Should I still believe the healing that is up to date in fellowships to be this true?

    • Anthony,i believe the same God who performed miracles in the days of apostles is the same God Who can wrought us with the healing powers. As an adventists,I believe we perform miracles, though,the result might not be instantenous according to the popular belief of the most majority, we pray and leave the results with God. On the contrary, as Adventists, we should be careful not to believe a lie.Most of the healings from Pentecostal revival churches are based on dark agents that lack the power of God

  3. The lesson mentions GOD working to relieve suffering daily, including Sabbath. Surely physical illness isn't the only kind of suffering that we should be concerned with. Again, I refer to Isaiah 58 where GOD says the Sabbath HE has chosen involves feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, and standing up for the oppressed. We Adventists have a bad habit of measuring our spirituality by our inactivity on the Sabbath when, instead, we should be doing the exact opposite.

    • Well, the less you do, the less likely you are to sin by breaking the Sabbath. You can literally plead: "I didn't do anything!"
      I honestly think that's the reasoning.


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