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  1. #3. it is possible to keep a day holy without being holy? Yes, but with a great struggle. Holy means-sacred, hallowed, set apart for the worship of God. I cannot say who is holy from who is not, but what I know, we who are seeking to have a relationship with Jesus are called to be holy as stated in Exodus 19:6. The bible says on the day of atonement or (at-one-ment), on this day, the high Priest became one with God. No sin was present in his life as well as the people out side of the temple. If ONE sin was present, he or the person was consumed. We can be like that constantly and keep the Sabbath day as Jesus requires us to observe the Sabbath. Peter also calls us to be holy see 1 Peter 2:9

    • Hi Marva,

      Since the Sabbath is a sign of God's relationship with His people, I'd say that it is not possible to keep the sign (Sabbath) without being in relationship with Him. We may go through the motions, and, yes, we will have "great difficulty" concentrating on what to do and not to do.

      By contrast, when we live our lives surrendered to God, the Sabbath will be a delight to us, as we focus on Him, rather than what to do or not to do. We will naturally engage in activities that foster our relationship with Him, and we won't have to focus on DO's and DON'Ts.

      And, by the way, when we are in relationship with Jesus, we are holy, because He lives in us. We cannot make ourselves holy, only God can.

      I would like you to consider the different way God sees from the way we see. As an example, please consider the Israelites at the time of Balaam. He tried to curse Israel, but he could not. The Lord put into his mouth these words: "He has not observed iniquity in Jacob,
      Nor has He seen wickedness in Israel."(Numbers 23:21) Now I'd like you to read the chapters before and after this one and tell me whether you would likely have found some "iniquity" in Israel.

      Why, do you suppose, the Lord said this. What makes us "perfect" in God's sight?

  2. The Sabbath was and still is the shadow of things to come. In the Old Testament (OT) scriptures we see that the sabbath was given as a foretaste of rest for the people of God at the coming of Christ a.k.a new age. The new age began with Jesus whose preaching called for renpentance for the Kingdom of God was at hand. This kingdom was inaugurated at the resurrection of Christ whose cosmic power was handled over to him (Matthew 28.18-20). Thus the present rest on the Seventh-day Sabbath/rest is a microcosm of the feture rest/sabbath at the consummation of the new age at the second coming of Christ. At the new age we nolonger pray to God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but to God of our Lord Jesus Christ. With old age the law was written on the tables of stones by Moses. With the new Moses/ the second moses the law is witten in the Heart. The Sabbth of the seventh-day was nullified as a mark of God contrasting with the mark of man being the sixth-day. We shoukd strive to learn more about Jesus than learning about his works. His works/creation are products and not the source which is God himself. After we have throughly understood Christ we can now rest in the here and now with hope of future total rest.

  3. I used the term nullified of the sabbath but the best diction with biblical theology would be fulfilled by Christ.

  4. Curtis:
    Thank you for a refreshing and stimulating presentation on the beauty and worship of our Creator. We fail to worship God in the setting that Jesus used extensively. Nature speaks of a perfect God in an imperfect world trying to restore His perfection in us. Come, Lord Jesus.

  5. We are missing an important reason for the sabbath. It is to remind us of the biblical time frame we are living in. Where it all began but also where it (this world) will end. It speaks of a seven thousand year plan for the resolution of the problem of rebellion initiated by Lucifer. The Sabbath Day corresponds to the one thousand years of rest for the earth (with Satan bound and the righteous taken to Heaven to the New Jerusalem) followed by the New heavens and the new earth and the death of Satan and the host of his followers in the lake of fire. The Sabbath therefore. Speaks to this generation of the final day of judgement.


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