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Beware of Preachers Claiming to be the Last one Still Preaching Bible Truth and the Three Angels’ Message — 8 Comments

  1. This article is more than profound! The malicious sentiment that “I’m the only faithful believer” is actually a thriving “movement” within the Adventist Church.

    One need look no farther than to observe the millions (yes, millions!) of “concerned dollars” that flow into the coffers of certain “ministries” that DEPEND on alienation (in the name of reform) to whip up financial support for their “holier brand” of Adventism.

    Thankfully, there are also many spiritually productive “supporting ministries” who actually are in the noble business of SUPPORTING God’s work!

  2. Yes, there is the problem of the proudly righteous exalting self. (That's an oxymoronic adjective and noun combination.) Humility and sensing one's own potential for making mistakes and falling should hold everyone away from being presumptuous.

    However, I appreciate William giving both sides -- both of the ditches people can fall into when they see apostasy.

    "During times of widespread apostasy, Satan wants to discourage God’s people by making them feel alone, or send them on an ego trip by making them feel they are in a special class by themselves."

    The problem is: The majority are generally not depicted as the ones in the right, in Scripture. Seven thousand, though a fair number, is still a very small percentage of the total population. A very small minority, there being thousands in apostasy to every one who has not bowed the knee to the beast. The majority of the people far outnumber the faithful.

    Think of Jeremiah, preaching in Jerusalem. It was an emotionally draining task to continually give his message, while prophets on every street corner were saying the opposite.

    Were there others who were faithful? Yes, of course, but where were they? Some were in exile, some were sharing in other places; anyone in Jerusalem believing Jeremiah's message was too fearful to make a public acknowledgement for his or her belief.
    So, Jeremiah, too, felt very much alone, preaching a very unpopular message, feeling like all earthly support was gone.

    The Old Testament prophets, for the most part, were condemned and often killed because they seemed to believe they were right while the people were in apostasy.

    We need to be careful not to turn truth from our door, while fending off those seeking self-exaltation.

  3. Luke 21:8 And He said: “Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time has drawn near.’ Therefore do not go after them.

    I share your grief on seeing so many vulnerable Christian people accosted by these so-called Seventh-day Adventist preachers, who claim to be the only ones teaching the "true message", and thereby the only ones who can ensure you receive a godly blessing when you give them all your tithes and freewill gifts.

    They are almost as insidious as those who claim conspiracies, cabals, dates, and worldly political intrigues, then attempt to dodge accountability by "I'm just asking questions" and "I'm not setting dates".

  4. Just the same, it is time that we as Christians stay focused on what is right, despite the many distractions that can pull us away from the love of God. Let us stay focused on our goal, which is to be in the world but not of the world. Christ prayed that our Father does not take us out of the world, but rather keep us from the evil one. John 17:15. Our goal is to have the love that our Father gave to Christ be in us, and Christ in us. John 17:26. Let's be an answer to Christ's prayer, rather than being above the 7000. I believe we can be the ones that increase that number without being above that number. We may be 7001,7002,7003 and so forth, yet still not above the 7000. Praise the Lord for opening His arms wide for all who choose Him. 🙏

  5. It took me awhile to see where you were coming from, and then it dawned on me, and I to agree. As I see one who brags about his accomplishments and condemns the church and sets him self up as the one to look to, to condemn sin and lead. Sorry but this is Jim Jones talk, and is a sign of a desire of power and control. We should look to no one other than Christ, who said, He came not to condemn but to save.
    It’s true we are to let our good works shine before men but self is to be lost sight of, just as Jesus came to glorify the Father, so we are to abide in Christ and bare fruit to His glory, not to self.
    And we should not be persuaded by the accomplishments of those whose fruits do not line up with the fruits of Christ because only God can bring good out of bad. We also have the picture of Jonah the reluctant prophet, with the opposite picture. Of which the book is the only one that ends with a question and a question about the prophet.
    At the same time we are told that the church is in a laodicean state, because the world has captured the hearts of many and made them content and happy sad to say and in some church it may seem the world has come into the church, but this does not mean we are to view it as Babylon and jump ship and follow some one who professes to be up holding the truth, we have been counseled other wise not to. And so we should pray for our selves and the church, in which we are told the the wheat and fares will grow together, and there should be a burden for this condition and a desire to hear sermons to wake us up and realize what we need to be doing to save and warn a lost world, with the true gospel message, void of self, and we are told those who have this burden will be the 144,000 that have this mind set.

  6. And this should reach unto us who proudly say "we are the Adventists, we are the only ones with the present truth." God is able to make stones proclaim His message. We need to learn to appreciate the truth that has been revealled to them. That way we can be able to find ways to share with them. Acts 18:24-26


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