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  1. Thank Sister Lillianne for the wonderful message that resonates well with this week's lesson. The ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross is the greatest demonstration of love that Gd could ever give us.

    This is way is so important to understand that no one else could have made that ultimate sacrifice apart Jesus - which was 'Gd's only son' (only of His type).

    • God did such an amazing thing when He allowed Jesus to stand in our place. I want to spend eternity saying, "Thank you!"

  2. Thanks for the wonderful words. I saw a special on the very issues you have addressed. It impacted me in two ways. The first was a situation in which the Christian who was debating Christianity with an atheist had his adopted daughter speak to the atheist about her life in the Ukraine before she was adopted. She explained in broken English what grace means. She had lived in an orphanage under difficult circumstances and her adopted father had had to bribe officials at every level of the process to complete the adoption. It then dawned on the Christian apologest that this was the left over idiology of communism. The other was when he spoke of humanity and asked the atheist if he believed man was evil or good. The atheist said, "evil". The conclusion to me was that if humanity is evil, then salvation is about God's grace, not whether christians are great people.

    • So, so true. There is no hope for sinful humanity unless God adopts us as His children. Praise God that Jesus was willing to pay the price.

  3. This message this week has been very impressive, that somehow, I pray, that I will find courage to share to my children, who are confused about the reality of God, as our Redemptor, and just plainly, our God. Pls. pray for me and for our children.

  4. Love the Hitchens quote! Seems that even though he wasn't a believer, at least he understood what the faith is. Increasingly, people who call themselves Christians don't know what the faith is. They say that they are Christians because the believe in the Golden Rule. But that doesn't distinguish Christianity from Judaism. Rabbi Hillel taught the Golden Rule before Jesus.

    God save us from "Christians" who deny the faith.

    • You are so right! It's kind of terrifying that an atheist has a better understanding of Christianity than some 'so called' Christians. It's very sad.

  5. Unfortunately throughout ages no one really made the distinction between the true followers of Jesus which didn't go around bragging about what they are but showed with their deeds and the ones which called themselves Christians out of convenience but acted otherwise. The mercenaries used for the crusades were thought of as "Christians". Most likely they never heard of Jesus and if they did, they had no idea who He really was. No wonder Hitchens felt the way he did because he didn't bother to go deeper beyond the name many take upon themselves. I do agree with Hitchens that many so called Christians are in it for the various benefits they can get in this life. As Hitchens well said it "Show me one of the following Christians, the pope, Benny Hin, Joel Austin, etc. etc. who is in it for the suffering in this life and the rewards in the afterlife!"

    • I agree! Clearly you have read more of Hitchens than I have, thank you for sharing. Your comment reminded of a quote from Amy Carmichael: "Certain it is that the reason there is so much shallow living—much talk but little obedience—is that so few are prepared to be, like the pine on the hilltop, alone in the wind for God."
      Thank you again, for your comments.

  6. I agree completely! I don't believe I would be able to survive without a relationship with my God and my Redeemer.
    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  7. For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.(2Cor. 8:9)

    The one who was equal with God, who in his very nature was God, chose to come and be a man of sorrow and suffering. He had to preach from a borrowed boat, ride into Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey, die on a cross that wasn't even his, buried on a borrowed tomb

    Jesus was born in a manger that we might be born to life eternal. he became part of the human family that we might become part of the heavenly family. he lived in the midst of dust and poverty that we might live amid riches beyond description. he spent long nights in prayer that we might spend eternal ages in the presence of god. he went homeless that we might live in the mansions he is preparing for us. our precious Saviour trod wearily the sandy trails of old Palestine that we might walk with tireless feet on the golden streets of the new Jerusalem. he accepted in our behalf the crown of thorns that he might be able to place on our heads the crowns of victory. he died the death that was ours that we might live forever the glorious life that is his.(Lift Him Up)


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