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  1. Its a privilege to have read your article. I'm a Bible worker as well and I don't get a salary nor do I expect one. Our church in Georgia is barely making ends meet, however, the work must be done. It's very hard soil here in Georgia. Discipleship is difficult but with prayer we were able to baptize sixty-two brothers and sisters this year. I know first hand how difficult and using our car, money, and ect. to be able to help. I too have run out of money to pay my own bills when I used my money to accommodate were it was most needed. I don't deserve anything either but God blesses me in the long run. I'm rich because I too have clean water, a warm bed even though I have not a job, but by the grace of God He shall provide one. In the mean time, I'm praising God and plugging my resume in my field of work. Thank you for your insight as a Bible worker, it give me hope. God bless you.

    • I agree with you! we used to live in Georgia (Monroe...about an hour east of Atlanta)...and the soil there is VERY tough! But if God brings you to it, He WILL get you through it. Many blessings and keep on keeping on (your reward is in heaven)! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your testimony Bro. Earnhardt. It's easy to forget where all our blessings come from and feel it is our efforts that make the world a better place. All the praise goes to God.

    I'm not a Bible Worker, but I grew up in a culture where it truly took a village to raise a child, and so naturally, I've continued in that mindset. That made me very rich, not monetarily, but spiritually. However, ego and self-praise can creep in real quick and I feel I should be thanked and appreciated for my efforts. Though this is not an unreasonable expectation from a humanistic standpoint; that expectation, without a blink, changes to self-exaltation.

    I thank God for my parents who instilled godly values in my brothers and I, and pray for the humility and desire to return and share the blessings that God has given me with others and those in need. I may not "feel" appreciated at times, but I need to release this feeling to the Holy Spirit, and know that God loves a cheerful giver.

  3. Thank you some much for this honest and humble article. I have met so many people who have labeled the poor as you have described. They have even said that if they are not earning enough at one job get two. Well, some even have three jobs and still cannot make it. Sometimes people forget where there came from once they have gotten a small raise in salary to allow them to buy a little better used car. As the saying goes; everyone has to have someone to look down on so they can feel better about themselves. That is why I will always look up to God so I can be assured that I am created equal to those who seem to have it all. That's the best wealth.

  4. Thank-you for the excellent article.

    My comment isn't really concerning your article but rather concerning the text at the beginning -- Acts 2:44-46.
    I had just read earlier an outline of this weeks lesson and it assumed the early Christians lived a communal life, since "they sold their property and possessions".

    But then I read further in the verse that they "meet in homes", which raised the question -- if they sold their property, how did they still have their homes?

    I think the answer is that they did NOT live a communal life in the sense we think of communal living. They sold any extra properties to help the poor, but kept their homes and opened them to those who didn't have homes, thus sharing what they had with those who didn't.

    It says they "met in one place" not they "lived in one place".

  5. I was thinking about Matt 19:23,24 that Jesus quoted to the disciples,
    concerning the rich persons ability to enter Heaven. I know that is somewhat out of context, but what William was describing as rich is correct depending on the point of reference. I would also describe his "riches" as blessings and what he has done with his blessings is enviable and exemplary. It falls under the catagory of loving God and our neighbors as our selves.

  6. Sir thanks for your article. It is refreshing to know that you have a true perspective of our responsibilities as Christians. That responsibility must always reflect our position as stewards of God. We do not own anything but we are blessed with His goods and manage it with the expressed purpose of fulfilling the Gospel commission. We are also blessed with the knowledge of "truth", which does not make us better but more responsible for the sharing of it. Anytime we believe we are better, we have missed the mark and turned our eyes from Jesus and upon ourselves. That action only will hinder our work for the Lord. Thanks and God Blessings continue to be with you.

  7. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments and kind words. Ulicia I believe you are right. They were just meeting in the homes, not everyone living together in one house. Also you are right about sharing with the poor. When Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell all he had and give to the poor, Jesus did not tell him to give it all to the poor. What Jesus meant was downsize. For example. sell your Porsche, buy a Kia and give the left over money to the poor.

    • Angela Powell.

      Praise God, even through I read your letter almost 3 years later, it is very up lifing to me. Working as a Bible Instuctor for the past thirty plus year I can relate to all that has be written. My riches came from accepting Jesus command to glorify Him. His call on my life to live like Him and share Him with other lost souls is be the bigest payoff in this life time. Let's stay faithful as we await the blesses Hope the Riches of All. Enjoy Jesus as we serve & tell the chruch and the world about Him.
      Stay Faithful. Immannuel Let's Pray for our Conferences to see the need of Ft/PT paid Bible Instuctors.

  8. [Moderator's Note: Please use your full name when commenting.]

    Please pray that God can loosen my white-knuckled grip on worldly riches so that I can become a giving machine. I'm clearly holding back due to selfishness and a lack of trust in God. I need Him to help change me.

    In reviewing our tithe giving for all the churches in our conference, I was disheartened to see probably only a 1/3rd of our members actually paying a tithe. I'm guessing this percentage was dramatically higher when I was a kid.

  9. I would like to begin some bible work here at our church. Do you have some advice about getting some things going ?

    • Praise the Lord.

      "In His Step" and "Steps to Christ" order from www.adventsoure.com or Adventist Book Store (ABC)

      (Friendship+Evangeliving= Kingdom Building) Loving and serving like Jesus.

      Where is your place of worship?


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