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Crucified and Risen – Hit the Mark — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you Curtis for such a profound and simple explanation of the Jesus' crucifixion. We some times fail to see the bigger picture of God's plan when we go through dark periods. It is sometimes difficult to see God in those circumstances but Deuteronomy 31:6 keeps me going..

  2. I have not doubted God. Still, there have been times when personal pain was so deep I found church attendance deepened the pain. While I reached out, it seemed pastoral staff were made uncomfortable by what I was sharing. It took meditation reading and therapy to rescue me through those years. I held on to God's word for comfort and strength. I believe His love to be all inclusive with no caveats. My caring for others cannot be selective. I do NOT make judgements. My thought is that we are too quick to interpret what His will may be. We spend too much time being arbitrary, forgetting we are mortals.

    • Lois, I'm glad to hear you made it through. Remembering the times we felt overwhelmed should make us more compassionate for others who themselves are facing days of uncertainty. Keep pressing on.

  3. When I teach Sabbath School I use Life Lessons with Power Point. I have two Life Lessons from this study that draw me closer to Christ.
    The first is on Judas and it's a quote from Charles H. Spurgeon."Whatever becomes the Chief object of his desire, is his God.” Judas wanted Power the trappings of a high office. His lust for those things took him down a wrong course to the point that the things he desired the most finally became his god. That He would go to the ultimate extreme and try to force his Lord's Hand.
    If Judas would have been successful in forcing Christ's Hand, Judas would've been the living example of Lord Acton's famous quote, "Power corrupts. And Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely. The second is from Tuesday, and it's this Beloved. Be prepared to carry YOUR cross or be CRUSHED by the weight of it.

    • Lee, the life of Judas carries so many life lessons. It makes clear that association with God and good does not mean that you yourself have accepted both God and good. I hope your SS class enjoyed your session this Sabbath.

  4. Curtis what is apparent is how human we are and how frail our understanding can be. You closed with a text from Luke24:44-45 which when I read it this week, this thought question came to my mind. The verse says Jesus opened there understanding. What they still did not understand was the purpose of the cruel death that He had just been put through. If you go to Acts 1:6, by the same author, the question was still as before. Is now the time that You will restore the kingdom of Israel? Until Pentecost and the Holy Spirits anointing, it was business as usual in some respects.

    • Paul, you are so right. There's a danger in being closed minded to truth. Tradition is a powerful influence and many times it prevents us from even being open to more understanding. We certainly need to pray without ceasing. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. The worst of times are just ahead
    as the Spirit of God is being withdrawn
    and the hearts of men are being given up to the evil which they choose.
    The best of times are just ahead
    as the Spirit of God is being poured out
    upon those who long to reflect the heart of their Jesus whom they love.


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