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  1. Thanks Lillianne.
    The truths that you've shared gives me more understanding in the sequence of evengelism and witnessing. Now it dawned on me that process is very important when dealing with such a situation like this, especially in the soul winning process. May I print the copy and share with my class this sabbath?.

    God bless.

  2. That was an interesting way to look at the lesson. However I have a question. Based on your analogy, if I start the wrong way, (exposing to the child things he might not be ready for) and he loses interest, will he be held responsible? The question is that if as a result of poor evangelistic methods, a person fails to see the truth, will it be his fault?

    • Nelson to your question, if the person loses interest in the Lord and fails to see the truth, due to poor evangelistic methods will the person who rejected the message be at fault? I think that the Holy Spirit is very powerful, and if the person have a true desire to really know the Lord, he/she will be given several opportunities. God is always at work, and he is a God of detail, maybe that was not the time for that conversion to happen. We can use our past evangelistic mistakes as a growth opportunity, and present the message differently today. Another point that I wanted to mention is, that it is not our job to be judge or jury of another person's life or decisions. That is for God to determine. Halleluah for that, because he is a merciful God, and he doesn't give up on us easily. We have to repeatedly make that decision. He loves us unconditionally, and yet he won't force himself on us.

  3. Thanks. Your commentaries are always a blessing to me and those who I share them with.
    What else can we ask for. You have explained the steps of evangelizing and witnessing so easy to understand.
    When and how did we get the sequence mixed up?

  4. Lillianne a big thank you for the insight, it is just what I need, but I have a question,
    how do I strategy my presentation if I'm dealing with a Christian of another congregation who knows the love of God but is not a Seventh-day Adventist?

    Thank you in advance,


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