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  1. When following Jesus look forward alwayz,never mind what people are talking evil about you...God need us to love Him as He loved us before...inorder to receive His blessingz.

  2. And please do express genuine interest in people in order for people nor to feel that you are beating them over the head with the bible. I am preaching to my self here. I have yet to find out how to do just that.

  3. Thank you William for the article. I believe that we all have room to learn. I learn new things everyday and pray the Lord will give me a child like sprit to learn about his word. Willing to listen and read and most of all get the correct understanding of His word.

  4. Thank you all for joining the discussion. I believe what happened in the case of David and Saul has played itself out throughout the centuries in many places and situations.

    "They had now learned–what was coming to be generally known in Israel–that God had chosen David as the future ruler of His people; and they believed that they would be safer with him, even though he was a fugitive in a lonely cave, than they could be while exposed to the insane madness of a jealous king." -Patriarch and Prophets, Page 657

    The one with the title and label is not always the one with the heavenly credentials. And sincere people of God know the difference.


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