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  1. Following Christ it wonderful. I have leaned to follow Christ daily meaning that whatsoever things I do I must to all to glorify his name. I am a preacher who preach the truth to those who wants to hear it, I do train and hospital ministry. This weeks leason has revieved me and it makes me to continue lifting up my cross and follow Jesus footsteps to Calvary tree, being a christian simply means to follow him daily.

  2. "Christ has for sin atonement made; what a wonderful Savior." These words echo in my mind when I reflect on the lesson for this past week. As we deny ourselves, let us take up the cross and follow the One who selflessly bore it for us to His death. There isn't anything in this life that we can acquire that is more valuable than this gift - eternal life through Christ. All that we do should glorify Him.

    In order to catch a fish one needs a bait- The purpose of the bait is to draw the fish to the catch. Jesus called in the multitude of the fish that morning using His word as the bait- What a success!!!
    Well Jesus has also provided for us a bait as we fish for men and it is found in John 12:32-33 "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. he said, signifying what death he should die." (KJV)
    The Cross of Christ seen in prophecy and the life of His disciples is the bait for the big catch...

    "They presented Christ as the one who, seeing the helpless condition of the fallen race, came to redeem men and women by living a life of obedience to God's law and by paying the penalty of disobedience. And in the light of the cross many who had never before known of the true God, began to comprehend the greatness of the Father's love." {AA 207.2}

    • You can also read this in connection to the above comment.
      “The first step toward salvation is to respond to the drawing of the love
      of Christ... It is that men may understand the joy of forgiveness, the
      peace of God, that Christ draws them through the manifestation of His
      love. If they respond to His drawing, yielding their hearts to His grace,
      He will lead them on step by step, to a full knowledge of Himself, and
      this is life eternal” (Our Father Cares, p. 204, para. 7).

      May God help us make Jesus' demonstration of His Eternal Love on the Cross as the message for to draw all His sin stricken children out there... God Bless

  4. All Christians have defects of character and things of this world that attract us. dying to self and taking up ones cross daily means to consecrate oneself each morning to God and ask Him for His Holy Spirit to be willing to allow Him to guide us to say no to the things of the world that attract us and to also be willing to let Him chip away the defects in our characters that tend to want to stay and be part of our unchristlike selves and then do this again at the end of each day and leave all our days accomplishments and failures at the foot of His CROSS.


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