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Inside Story~ China Pastor Wang Weo3 — 12 Comments

  1. We are all children of God and His word give light to us. Therefore lets preach Gospel fearlessly because this alone shows that people need Jesus as their personal Savior.

  2. the story is inspiring. Not only that the business woman heard the message in such a brief time and yet was so impressed that she wanted to have her employees hear it speaks volumes of what God can do. But it also reminds us than we need to be ready to follow up when God sends us an invitation.

  3. This story should be wake up call to all of us in the 21st century, to have simple conversations about our faith and be kind. Jesus asks us to feed his sheep and in Matthew 25:31 he reminds us what it means to be his disciple. What an awesome story of the power of a life lived for Christ. Amen to the pastor being a spokesman for Jesus.

    • One final thought maybe it all begins with prayer for coworkers, neighbors and those who we encountered in our day to day actions.

  4. That's a wonderful story. We need to stand still and share the word of God with our neighbours, workmates, schoolmates.

    When we are with friends we tend to forget about our God and start enjoying nusty conversations. We laugh with them instead of advising on what is wrong and right. They make fun of the manager we join them. The more we enjoy or join on their bad or nusty talk the more we are killing them and the more we are destroying them. Let's be the light to our community every moment of our lives not during one day but always.

  5. I wish I would see the business woman and all her stars in His Kingdom. Wow God is great thus why He says if we keep quiet He will use the stones.

  6. That's the God I know He does bussiness in His own way, He can send someone even though is not ready to do it. Wow that's an interesting story,Lord help us to go and deliver the messege,Amen!!!!!!


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