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Friday: Inside Story – The Unexpected Answer — 9 Comments

  1. Let us faith and hope for everything we do like the pastor who was having an evangelistic meeting had hope that the number will be big from 30-200. God is good and faithful. Keep on praying.

  2. Amen. We serve a living God. He really does listen to us. Never give up my fellow believers. Let's us hold on to the truth till he comes.

  3. Let us all love one another spread the good news teach thos who are thirsty and help those who are in need . Let us all remmeber God is near that even no one knows what the Hour . let us ask forgivness for it will be the bridge to be a faithful one

  4. We live in a time frame which attracts even non believers, our creator dose His part.. we need to deliver His word all the time.

  5. An encouraging testimony there of perseverance, the work of the Holy Spirit and role as partners. The beautiful thing is that these coverts for Christ are still in touch with God and have increased. God bless our little in Jesus name. Amen

  6. The lord is good and always does good things to those that believe him trust him and Hope for good things lete be prayerful to god and never give up no be discouraged rather does believe that he will see us through in Amy thing we do in Jesus name

  7. Good testimony.while human can have only one way, and sometimes seems as if it is blocked, our Lord has 1000 ways to accomplish the same task.


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