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Friday: Further Study: The Son — 2 Comments

  1. I think that Christ existed eternally as the expression of the fullness of the Godhead. Sin came into the world and salvation of humanity was necessary. I believe that God united with humanity and procreated a son as a human with a human mother. This is/was God's only begotten son. God in total lived in and through this Son the character and life of God. This proves to me that when our humanity joins with the divinity of the Holy Spirit we are one with God as Jesus was our example. We can walk in the righteousness of Christ.

  2. As a christian I need to do more than just believing on the name of Jesus, but I need to go a step further-the step of obedience. For this is what counts and differentiates me from the demons who could also exclaim and acknowledge my Jesus as a Son of God.
    Secondly, acknowledging one has your father is not enough. You need to honour such a one with love and in love there is obedience.


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