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  1. Thank you William for your encouraging words in your article that I have read this morning. I am in need of such encouragement as next week I am facing a 3 week trial- not for what I have done but for what others have done against me. It has been 8 years in preparing for this and all along the way I have prayed that if God wants me to continue then He will make it happen, if not put a stumbling block in my way.
    He has led me to this point and I am so grateful that He has put his yoke on my shoulders for I could not do this alone.
    As a child there was a banner hanging in our church with Matthew 11:28 in large letters- I wondered what it meant and I never knew how it would apply to my life, but many times, as I look back, I see His leading, protection and most of all His love.
    God is good and I know He will be by my side in the next few weeks.
    Thanks again for timely message. May God bless you as you continue to share these words of encouragement with others.

    • Hi Jane, praying for you over the next few weeks, God will continue to give you strength to endure and peace. May His name be glorified. Rochelle

    • Jane,
      I've included your concern in my prayer items. I'm praying with you to experience God's power in whatever the circumstance you're undergoing. Sometimes,God trains us on the mountains of afflictions to be good soldiers of the cross,so, believe Him, He'll do it according to His timetable.

    • Amen for this. Very timely message. I see, grace period, is what keeps me moving to another day and not faith. God sustains me, not because I am faithful but because He is gracious. God bless us

  2. Thank you i was awaken out of my sleep just now looking for an answer from and the Holy Spirit sent me right here to look for your Thought on the sabbath school lesson I really needed this what an on time God we serve thanks for sharing

  3. Wow William!!! Wow!!! This is just what I needed. Everything has been going wrong. Today I thought of Job and how he praised God through it all. I did not swear. But I have been bawling my eyes out asking God if He is even there. Yes. I have been having a crisis of faith, even as I have been doing a Bible study on Acts and sharing with others Paul’s faithfulness throughout his troubles. The texts you shared put those experiences in perspective. Wow. God does know what we need. Thank you soooo much. Sabbath blessings.

  4. In a way I agree, but what about I Corinthians 10:13? It seems to suggest God won't give us more than we can bear. And let's face it, the degree of problems etc. we bear does vary. Some of us lose loved ones, some of lose jobs, some lose health. What one handles, another doesn't handle well and I think God does relate to us accordingly.

    • I agree, Christina, that our problems can vary greatly; however, I disagree that they come from God. We must identify Satan for who he is as the thief that comes to do nothing less than to steal, kill, and destroy the quality of life that God intended (John 10:10). When we cast our cares upon God, the author, finisher, and giver of an abundant life, He will prevent those challenges from becoming overbearing. That is why He freely offers His yoke of easiness instead, because it is light in comparison (Matthew 11:30).

  5. Yes Christina and Alice sometimes it is just a figure of speech. For example when it says God sent the serpents into the camp of course it just means He allowed them into the camp. They were out side the camp the entire time. So often what God allows is spoken of as Him giving it because He allowed it.


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