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God Will Repay You — 9 Comments

  1. God is able to supply all of our needs. All He has asked us to do is to trust Him. Let's begin to do this today!

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    For sure vengeance is the LORD's. Our duty is to take the case to the most high judge. What I lost for so many is repayed.

  3. Amen!! That has served as a good eye opener, my scope of understanding has been widened. Our good Lord who knows the number of hair on our head, also knows our deepest needs, Shall we seek His kingdom first. If the birds in the air get their daily feed, how much more are we important before God's eye? May our Lord meet us at our points of need as we usher in the sabbath. God's blessing.

  4. William, It is natural for us who believe in honesty, to have feelings of sorrow or injustice. Especially when a trusted friend betrays that trust. Job said, God provides and God takes away, and his faith sustained him. Job was a special person also, rather than the run of the mill. It isn't a matter of trusting whether God provides or not. That is a given. What matters, are we being treated (loved) the same way as we love. "Others the same as ourselves". It is definitely difficult to love our enemies as instructed. On our own without Gods help, nearly impossible.

  5. Mr Blanke touched on what I wanted to add. We're not only to trust God to care for our needs and correct wrongs but we're to pray for and bless those who wrong us. Luke 6: 27-29, Romans 12:14, 1 Ptr 3:9.


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